The Land of New Hope

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Band Name Timo Tolkki's Avalon
Album Name The Land of New Hope
Type Album
Data wpisu 17 Maj 2013
Wyprodukowany przez
Nagrany w Backyard Studios
Styl muzycznySymphonic power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album50


1. Avalanche Anthem 04:52
2. A World without Us 05:42
3. Enshrined in My Memory 04:07
4. In the Name of the Rose 04:28
5. We Will Find a Way 04:24
6. Shine 03:36
7. The Magic of the Night 04:43
8. To the Edge of the Earth 05:02
9. I'll Sing You Home 05:02
10. The Land of New Hope 08:53
BONUS DVD (Deluxe Edition)
- Drum Recordings
- Bass and Guitar Recordings
- Mixing the Album
- Timo Tolkki's Interview
- Enshrined in My Memory (Videoclip)
Total playing time 50:54

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