The Full Treatment

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Band Name Aggression (CAN)
Album Name The Full Treatment
Type Album
Data wpisu 1987
Styl muzycznyThrash Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album28


Re-released in 2000 by Old Metal Records with the same tracklist.
Re-released in 2005 by Great White North with three bonustracks.
1. Forsaken Survival
2. Frozen Aggressor
3. Green Goblin
4. One for the Woods
5. Dripping Flesh
6. By the Reaping Hook
7. Demolition
8. Rotten by Torture
9. The Final Massacre
Bonustracks (re-released 2005)
10. Blaspheming at the Altar
11. Brain Damage/Torment of Death
12. Possessed by Dawn