Tellus Matter

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Band Name Evohé
Album Name Tellus Matter
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Lipiec 2005
Wydawcy Oaken Shield
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album43


 Through the Eyes of the Sky
 Drawn in Fire
 Frozen Fate
 Tellus Mater
 In Crowned Places
 Rotten Angel

Total playing time: 45:09

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Komentarz @ Stench

06 Listopad 2005
Honestly the band does not have an easy job...Yet the name of the french band is not easy to pronunce, we are already given their first album hidden under a mediocre cover...
It will not be an easy thing to attract someone's attention on this cd in the music store. And actually does it really worth it? The music which Evohé offers us is good, but what could be its use ? It's a common black metal, shared between the norwegian and the swedish scene, a kind of mix between Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral, so it is very fast as we can expect it, leaded by cold riffs on which screaming vocals fit on. Well, what else can we say, everything feels like a deja vu. The sound is clear and we can easily follow the evolution of each instrument, but for this case something is missing to make the result unforgettable. Even if the band has an apparent conviction, the record did not make me thrill a single time, they really try hard, arpeggios are there, gloomy parts sound good...However titles follow one another but seem to be the same. So I'm just going to hail them for their efforts because for a first CD the production is good, but a black record which will not manage to create a frozen mood will not get my adhesion. Next time maybe...

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