Suicide Season

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Band Name Bring Me The Horizon
Album Name Suicide Season
Type Album
Data wpisu 29 Wrzesień 2008
Nagrany w Studio Fredman
Styl muzycznyDeathcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album346


 The Comedown
 Chelsea Smile
 It Was Written in Blood
 Death Breath
 Football Season Is Over (ft. JJ Peters of Deez Nuts)
 Sleep with One Eye Open
 Diamonds Aren't Forever
 The Sadness Will Never End (ft. Sam Carter of Architects)
 No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors
 Suicide Season

Total playing time: 42:15

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Komentarz @ bmthfreak111

18 Czerwiec 2010
Bring Me The Horizon is one of the most brilliant and amazing bands I've heard of. Im not saying they're the only good band or that no band is as good as this one, because opinion is different for everyone. If it weren't for Bring me the Horizon I wouldn't like Deathcore or screamo at all, but I found Olivers' new scream quite nice, even in the remix of this album. It is very unfortunate that Oliver Sykes has throat cancer, but he must be very devoted to still be in the band and on tour. Bring me the Horizon plays songs that make you want to mosh to, to chant to, and to move around a lot. I have listened to several deathcore and screamo bands and not one vocalist sounds like Oliver Sykes. Many people no longer like or appreciate Bring me the Horizon anymore because of the vocal change. I, on the other hand, recommend this band to everyone and anyone all the time, especially for people just tapping into this genre.

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McLovinSkittlez - 28 Czerwiec 2012: Oliver Sykes does not, and has never had cancer. All that crap is that he obliterated his throat with his scream previously and now can hardly talk. No cancer needed.
Satanicarchangel - 27 Listopad 2013: Screamo is bands such as Circle Takes the Square, Envy, The Gospel and Pageninetynine. On the other hand this isn't exactly a review, more of a paragraph on why you think this band is incredible.
DezMoines - 21 Lipiec 2014: This is deathcore inflected metalcore not screamo. And he never had cancer. and that isnt much of a review
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