Six Years of Dormant Hatred

lista zespołów Black Metal Ayat Six Years of Dormant Hatred
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Band Name Ayat
Album Name Six Years of Dormant Hatred
Type Album
Data wpisu 04 Listopad 2008
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album8


1. Ilahiya Khinzir! (All Hail Allah the Swine) 04:28
2. Fornication and Murder 11:30
3. The Fine Art of Arrogance Part One (The Icon and the Cattle) 04:47
4. Collective Suicide in the Boudoir (Feeling Wonderful Tonight) 02:11
5. Puking under Radiant Moonlight (Followed by a Century Long Ejaculation) 10:14
6. Misogyny When We Embrace 05:25
7. Necronarcos (Tame You Death) 03:04
8. Curses! Curses! and Never Sleep... 05:04
9. Thousands of Pissed Motherfuckers... 07:04
10. Such a Beautiful Day! (The Exaltation of Saint Francis) 04:20
Total playing time 58:17