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Band Name Lamb Of God
Album Name Sacrament
Type Album
Data wpisu 22 Sierpień 2006
Wydawcy Epic Records
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album697


 Walk with Me in Hell
 Again We Rise
 Foot to the Throat
 Blacken the Cursed Sun
 Forgotten (Lost Angels)
 More Time to Kill
 Beating on Death's Door

Total playing time: 46:12

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Artykuł @ Scandals

26 Listopad 2008
Front runners in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, Lamb of God have been decimating ears since the dropping of ‘New American Gospel’ in 2000. In a similar vein to countrymen Chimaira, Lamb of God’s weapon is a punishing assault of thrash, chugging breakdowns and a particular vicious roar from frontman Randy Blyth. Previous albums ‘Ashes of the Wake’ and ‘As the Palaces Burn’ have been stand up examples of why they are quite rightly revered as an excellent example of modern metal, and Sacrament just cements this reputation.

Opening with the fire-breathing, titanic lumbering beast that is ‘Walk with Me in Hell’, the band do little to let up the intense pummelling that your ears will receive. Tracks like ‘Redneck’ and ‘Pathetic’ are also of note, both contain great riffing sections. But it is the towering ‘Beating on Death’s Door’ that closes the album that is probably the best rack here. Vocalist Blyth sounds like Pantera’s Phil Anselmo for the new generation, and there is more touches of Pantera strewn throughout the album. But the vocals have stepped up a level, throwing in melodic and clean vocal sections into an album that glistens with a wonderfully crisp production. Now critics will say that such a quality production is a show of selling out but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a quality level of sound to show exactly what the band is capable of.

Flexing their muscular riffs all over this album, the band pull off an impressive, gleaming mix of groove, crushing heaviness and roaring brutality. Lamb of God are becoming a bit of a modern Pantera, heavy as hell with a raw, Southern groove underneath a shiny exterior. Continuing this path shall only bring them more fans, more sales and hopefully, more quality albums like this. A triumph for polished and still heavy as fuck music.

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metalmaniac666 - 02 Grudzień 2009: totally mindblowing album. from the word go.. till the last second! absolutely flawless!
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