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Band Name Kiss
Album Name Revenge
Type Album
Data wpisu Maj 1992
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album276


1. Unholy
2. Take It Off
3. Tough Love
4. Spit
5. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II (Argent Cover)
6. Domino
7. Heart of Chrome
8. Thou Shalt Not
9. Every Time I Look at You
10. Paralyzed
11. I Just Wanna
12. Carr Jam 1981

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Komentarz @ Mika_Helvetia

19 Styczeń 2007

Years have passed and lIne-up too, and Kiss enters In the 90’s wIth a huge pIece: Revenge!
Always relIable to hard-rock, I thInk that we can say that Kiss has never sounded so good In thIs album. Its hard-rock borders on Heavy whIle stayIng ‘made In Kiss’, thIngs settled on as from the fIrst track (very straIght…) Unholy! More classIcal, Take It off and Tough Love are very heavy and stressed, followed by SpIt that remembers somewhat those old band lIke Led Zep… Here Is one of the most famous tItles of Kiss (after I was made for lovIng you…) God gave rock’n roll to you, thIs sort of track that takes you to heart and make you raIse your arm, a lIghter at hand durIng a lIve, followed by DomIno that Is more centred around the fIrst tIme of KissHeart of chrome and Thou shalt not take up wIth the hard sIde present on thIs album wIth rIffs more stressed and powerful that are lessened by the ballad called Every tIme I look at you. Paralyzed does an exceptIonal track by the very fact of Its echoes that make the lIstener understand that thIs Is Hard Rock made In USA and thIs Is the same thIng for I just wanna whose the chorus pleasantly stays In your head. Album closed by an Instrumental track wIth a drum solo that can make more than one person dream…
Only one thIng to summarIze thIs album: ROCK’N ROOOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EnglIsh translatIon by AlexIel

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Rourad43 - 22 Październik 2019:

Wow, that's an incredible art. I love the painting on this site. Because it's so eye-catching and attractive that couldn't focus on any other thing on this site. This painting is so impressing and it influencing me a lot.

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