Return of the Reaper

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Band Name Grave Digger
Album Name Return of the Reaper
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Lipiec 2014
Styl muzycznySpeed Heavy
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album81


1. Return of the Reaper 01:16
2. Hell Funeral 03:01
3. War God 03:46
4. Tattooed Rider 04:04
5. Resurrection Day 02:59
6. Season of the Witch 05:04
7. Road Rage Killer 03:18
8. Grave Desecrator 04:23
9. Satan's Host 02:56
10. Dia de los Muertos 04:15
11. Death Smiles at All of Us 03:52
12. Nothing to Believe 04:33
CD BONUS (Deluxe Edition)
1. The Emperors Death
2. Rebel of Damnation
3. The Round Table (Live Acoustic)
4. The Dark of the Sun (Live Acoustic)
5. The Curse of Jaques (Live Acoustic)
6. The Ballad of Mary (Live Acoustic)
7. The Last Supper (Live Acoustic)
8. Yesterday (Live Acoustic)
9. Rebellion (Live Acoustic)
10. Heavy Metal Breakdown (Live Acoustic)
Total playing time 43:27

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10 Styczeń 2015

Hail Heavy Metal!

After 34 years playing true honest heavy metal, Grave Digger is still delivers. The Return of The Reaper is a solid album; everything that makes them such an awesome band is included in the package. The presented raw heavy riffs and the epic catchy chorus are a trademark in their albums, so is the unique Chris Boltendahl’s voice.

As a traditional heavy metal fan, I really can appreciate a singer that can sing like a man. That “somebody is smashing my balls” vocals style doesn’t make part of Grave Digger’s sound and that is a huge bonus! Is this album different and innovator? Certainly not!

But it doesn’t change the fact that is a pretty good metal album.
The production is crystal clear and heavy; cover art is magnificent, just to keep their tradition alive.

The highlights to me are Hell Funeral, War Gods, Resurrection Day, Road Rage Killer and Death Smiles At All Of Us.

Don’t forget to stretch and warm up your neck before put the Return Of The Reaper on, just to avoid injuries…

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