Pestapokalypse VI

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Nazwa zespołu Belphegor (AUT)
Tytuł płyty Pestapokalypse VI
Type Album
Data wpisu 27 Październik 2006
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Nagrany w Stage One Studio
Gatunek muzycznyBlack Death
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album305


 Belphegor – Hell's Ambassador
 Seyn Todt in Schwartz
 Angel of Retribution
 Chants for the Devil 1533
 Pest Teufel Apokalypse
 The Ancient Enemy
 Bluhtsturm Erotika
 Sanctus Perversum
 Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog

Total playing time: 38:02

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Belphegor (AUT)

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Komentarz @ Aronax

07 Luty 2007
After Lucifer Incestus I was very inpatient to hear new album from mighty Belphegor, before the album I saw the video for new song and I was blown away by that thing, finally I have obtained this album and put it in my player, after only few seconds I knew what is this all about… New fuckin’ killer album from this maniacs, the sound is brutal, again, and everything sounds perfectly. BelphegorHell’s Ambassador is first song on this release and it kick ass, honestly I expected another cool intro like on Goatreich – Fleshcult, but it is just find this way, song is fast and brutal, I don’t want to say that this is the typical Belphegor sound because it would be stupid, song is fresh and this is step further in their career. Song after song and I finished listening and I didn’t even notice, Seyn Todt In Schwartz is also great song, and Angel Of Retribution have great intro like we heard on some previous Belphegor’s songs, real creepy, little slower but great. My favorite is Chant For The Devil, another speed song with scream/growl vocals but what I like the most on this songs are great guitar harmonies, they sound thin but little bit progressive too. Pest Teufel Apokalypse and The Ancient Enemy are good songs and they also reminds me to some older tracks, and then the song I heard on video, Bluhsturm Erotika, great black/death song with many riffs and great guitar solos, but what I like the most is chorus, it is maybe little bit different from everything else but it is very effective, just to be clear I didn’t meant on some mainstream chorus with happy singing about girls and staff. Sanctus Perversum, for me very special song, starting with blasphemic guitar solo and then five minutes of pure fucking metal. The last song is Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog, good way to end good album, two minutes of death metal massacre. Lyrics are in Belphegor style again although I never expect from this guys to sing about love (I mean they sing, but in theirs special way, haha) and global warming. After all this is another great Belphegor’s album, production is praiseful again and I don’t want nothing more from some metal album. Hail Belphegor!

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