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Band Name Motörhead
Album Name Overkill
Type Album
Data wpisu 24 Marzec 1979
Wydawcy Bronze Records
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album902


Re-Issue in 1991 by Roadracer with 3 bonustracks.
Re-Issue in 1996 by CMC International with 5 bonustracks.
Re-Issue in 2005 by Sanctuary Records with a second disc included.
1. Overkill 05:14
2. Stay Clean 02:42
3. (I Won't) Pay Your Price 02:55
4. I'll Be Your Sister 02:52
5. Capricorn 04:09
6. No Class 02:40
7. Damage Case 03:01
8. Tear Ya Down 02:40
9. Metropolis 03:36
10. Limb from Limb 04:55
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1991)
11. Tear Ya Down (Alternate Version)
12. Louie Louie
13. Too Late Too Late
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1996)
11. Too Late Too Late
12. Like a Nightmare
13. Louie Louie
14. Tear Ya Down (Instrumental)
15. Louie Louie (Alternate Version)
1. Louie Louie (A-Side) 02:48
2. Louie Louie (Alternative Version) 02:53
3. Louie Louie (Alternative Version) 02:46
4. Tear Ya Down (B-Side) 02:42
5. Tear Ya Down (Alternative Version) 02:41
6. Tear Ya Down (Instrumental) 02:39
7. Too Late Too Late (B-Side) 03:25
8. Like a Nightmare (B-Side) 04:14
9. Like a Nightmare (Alternative Version) 04:28
Recorded live at BBC (John Peel Sessions), 1978.
10. Louie Louie 02:46
11. I'll Be Your Sister 03:15
12. Tear Ya Down 02:39
Recorded live at BBC, 1979.
13. Stay Clean 03:03
14. No Class 02:43
15. I'll Be Your Sister 03:36
16. Too Late, Too Late 03:24
17. (I Won't) Pay Your Price 03:19
18. Capricorn 04:15
19. Limb from Limb 05:26
Total playing time 34:44

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Komentarz @ highspeedsamurai

28 Lipiec 2008
Overkill is arguably one of the best and most important albums in the history of hard rock and heavy metal, marking as it does the moment when Motörhead first unleashed the ferocious musical attack they would become famous for.

Combining a love of rock'n'roll, with the fury and energy of punk, nothing quite like this had ever been heard before and they quickly became pretty much the only band that appealed to rock fans and punk kids alike.

Opening track "Overkill" is a declaration of intent from it's breathtaking double-kick intro through some gloriously manic soloing to the sheer genius of its two false endings. It's a masterpiece which quite rightly has been the finale of Motörhead's Live performances for many years.
For the rest of the album, the band opt to keep it simple,with songs built around strong but staightforward riffs, driven by Lemmy's unique bass playing style which is particularly impressive on "Stay Clean" and the slightly milder (but no less) magnificent "Metrpolis".

However, they do have a surprise in store with final track "Limb From Limb" : a slow, bluesy number in which Motörhead pause halfway through before putting the hammer down and breaking into an insanely fast dash to the album's finish.

A legendary album from a legendary band !!

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