Oui Avant-Garde A Chance

lista zespołów Folk Metal Skyclad Oui Avant-Garde A Chance
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Band Name Skyclad
Album Name Oui Avant-Garde A Chance
Type Album
Data wpisu Listopad 1996
Styl muzycznyFolk Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album55


1. If I Die Laughing It'll Be an Act of God
2. Great Blow for a Day Job
3. Constance Eternal
4. Postcard from Planet Earth
5. Jumping My Shadow
6. Bombjour!
7. History Lessens (The Final Examination)
8. A Badtime Story
9. Come on Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners Cover)
10. Master Race (New Model Army Cover)
11. Bombed-Out (Instru-Mental)
12. Penny Dreadful (Full Shilling Mix)