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Band Name Dreamsense
Album Name Ocean
Type Single
Data wpisu 13 Wrzesień 2019
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznySymphonic Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0



Total playing time: 06:07

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Komentarz @ DREAMSENSE

10 Grudzień 2019

DREAMSENSE’s New Single “Ocean” is Filled to the Brim with Emotion

Russian symphonic metal act Dreamsense returned recently with a release of their new single. Clocking at something over six minutes, “Ocean” is an imaginative and well-crafted proposition with the magnetic vocal prowess of George Ognev at its core. Dreamsense create a rich and rousing sound; a blend of operatic drama and classical elegance driven by the raw force of symphonic and harsher essences of metal. The classically trained voice and expressive vocal theatre of Ognev is a compelling head to the creative beast whilst the sounds around him cast their own imagination fuelled adventures to arouse, evoke, and trespass.

Prior launching “Ocean,” Dreamsense launched three singles in 2018: a cover of Nightwish’s “Slaying the Dreamer,” and two author songs “Uncolored” and “Glasswall,” all of them leading to the upcoming full-length release, which is to be launched later this year. “Ocean” walks a higher plateau than its predecessors, each of these tracks is an individual yet united adventure skilfully woven and heartily delivered with still the suggestion that we have yet to hear and the band find the full richest of their imagination.

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