New Religion

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Nazwa zespołu Primal Fear
Tytuł płyty New Religion
Type Album
Data wpisu 21 Wrzesień 2007
Gatunek muzycznyMelodic Power
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album159


1. Sign of Fear 04:47
2. Face the Emptiness 04:36
3. Everytime It Rains 03:53
4. New Religion 04:04
5. Fighting the Darkness 08:45
6. Blood on Your Hands 04:02
7. The Curse of Sharon 04:41
8. Too Much Time 05:14
9. Psycho 03:55
10. World on Fire 03:54
11. The Man (That I Don't Know) 06:11
Bonus-Videos (Limited Digipak Edition)
- Fighting the Darkness
- Sign of Fear
Total playing time 54:02

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Primal Fear

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Artykuł @ MetalAngel

16 Październik 2007
Since the beginning of the year, many bands noticeably strengthen their music and heavy metal bands are no exception. The Teutonic band of Primal Fear illustrates this trend perfectly.

Indeed, after the superb and orchestral “Seven Seals”, the quintet, which in-between has separated from the sympathetic Shredder Tom Naumann and has hired one of its own former members, namely Henry Wolter, is back with “New Religion”, a seventh album truly over-boosted! The first title “Sign of Fear” shows the general style of the album: incisive and direct, the new offering of Mat Sinner and Ralf Scheepers makes no concession and distils during nearly 52 minutes an important dose of brutality and grandiloquence, punctually interrupted by softness and emotion. From the beginning, one can only be surprised by how amazingly Ralf sounds like Metal God Rob Halford, so well in fact that one may wonder if indeed it is not the lead singer of Priest who is shouting here! The music too participates in creating this impression of cloning, as there is only a thin line between “Sign Of Fear” and “Painkiller”, which the Germans didn’t cross here, but were very close to! Starting with the second title, the personality of Primal Fear is eventually progressively more present. And this is in fact a good thing! Primal Fear’s style is easily recognizable thanks to its clean, aerial production and thanks to its orchestrations which second efficient and perfectly equilibrated melodies. All of this is proven by “Face The Emptiness”, on which Rob Halford’s ghost of the “Angel” period still slightly surrounds us due to Ralf Scheeper’s so special timbre, or by the eponym title “New Religion” with its more modern style and which come close from a boosted and heavy version of “Seven Seal” thanks to its slightly quirky refrain. It is proven again by “Blood On Your Hands” while “The Curse of Sharon” is stunning with its kind of gothic style and its Stratovarius-like riff! Despite not being essential, some other titles are also attractive as they bring their bunch of good things: “Too Much Time”, which may remind you of “Milagros Charm” of Time Requiem, or the very loud and Blaze Bayley-like “Psycho”, or again “Word On Fire” and lastly the closing title in a quite majestic way, the melodic and melancholic “The Man (That I Don’t Know)”. Special mention to the two titles really coming out of the whole: the ballad “Every time It Rains”, full of tenderness with the duo of Ralf and a dazzling Simone Simmons. A pure killing! And the epic and delicate “Fighting The Darkness” lasting more than 8 minutes (!) with a quite soft atmospheric introduction with a piano before stretching lengthily so showing us the full palette of talent of these five virtuosos musicians. New-trend Helloween’s spirit haunts this title which captivates and amazes us with its exacerbated power!

Primal Fear shows us a new, extremely pleasing face with its 7th opus which is so… In fact, I can’t find any word to properly describe this magisterial work, this master piece of art which must absolutely finds its way in your record library, between Judas Priest and Stratovarius! Full of elements all part of its overall success, “New Religion” is without a doubt the most beautiful thing a German band of power metal could have achieved since the two-part “Keeper Of The Seven Keys – part 1 & 2”. It’s no less than beautiful, amazingly genial!! Astonishing and marvellous!!!

Translated by Heavyboy

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