New Bermuda

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Band Name Deafheaven
Album Name New Bermuda
Type Album
Data wpisu 02 Październik 2015
Wydawcy ANTI-
Styl muzycznyAvantgardiste Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album39


 Brought to the Water
 Baby Blue
 Come Back
 Gifts for the Earth

Total playing time: 46:35

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Artykuł @ Black_Bird

26 Grudzień 2015

Some Old Tricks for a New Bermuda

You know what is said about third albums, right? The decisive one, that one where the band has finally established their identity and matured their sound. Well, there are a lot of situations where such doesn’t apply and, since this is Deafheaven’s third full length release, can it be the major step for the band?
Before answering that question we must consider the previous record “Sunbather”, one of the most well received post-black metal albums of the decade and one of the most interesting releases of 2013. For those who still don’t know which album I’m talking about, it’s the pink black metal album. That thing was a blast: sheer savage rage in a multi layered black metal outfit with screamo vocals in perfect harmony with beautiful melancholic melodies creating a very intense atmosphere. It would be a hard task to top such an album. In similar situations, bands tend to change direction and explore their sound in a new way, but Deafheaven doesn’t do that with “New Bermuda”. “Have they made a better one than ‘Sunbather’?” you might ask – hardly. They have, very carefully, approached their own material from a slightly different perspective, easily not diverging from what they’ve presented us so far and trying to not make an identical album to the previous one.
The record kicks off fairly well with “Bought To The Water” a song that presents Deafheaven as what they truly are: a blend of atmospheric black metal, post rock riffs and melodic contemplative passages. “Bought To The Water” also shows the innovations here in “New Bermuda”, those being the presence of punchy guitar riffs presented without the dense wall of blast beats and more typical black metal riffs in the background and a more darker and aggressive moodwhich is clearly shown in the following track: the devastating “Luna” – the heavier of the bunch – which absorbs the listener into the typhoon that ends in the screaming ballad that is “Gifts For The Earth”.
But not all is good, the intro of the more experimental “Baby Blue” drags for too long making it almost a “Boring Blue” and the ending part of the soulcrushing “Come Back” simply screams for an equally crushing finale that is known the band can deliver so well, yet it simply ends.
Sadly “New Bermuda” fails to overcome the brilliant “Sunbather”, yet it delivers rather well the fury and sorrowful beauty already known to be the band’s trademark and is easily one of the best albums that came out on this very fruitful year of 2015.

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