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Nazwa zespołu Fear Factory
Tytuł płyty Mechanize
Type Album
Data wpisu 05 Luty 2010
Gatunek muzycznyIndustrial Metal
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album334


Digipak version comes with the bonus track "Crash Test", which is also re-recorded.
 Industrial Discipline
 Fear Campaign
 Controlled Demolition
 Designing the Enemy
 Metallic Division
 Final Exit

 Crash Test

Total playing time: 48:36

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Fear Factory

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17 Luty 2010
Let's get it straight, fellow Americans are great with the industrial metal, no question about that, also, they got their own tune in death metal, and because of the numerous industrial bands that are active nowadays, it is becoming harder for those bands to stick to a specific orientation. And that exactly what happened with Fear Factory back in the late 90s and early years of the last decade, I mean, looking back at their works from Digimortal till Transgression, they sounded more rap than metal.

But it seems that this mature band wasn't done yet, and as an opening for the new decade they were preparing an outstanding surprise for those longing to some good industrial. "Fear Factory" seems to be getting back to the roots, in this come-back the music is unquestionable, the death influence is so clear, but the good thing is that this influence didn't dominate the groove/industrial spirit of the album, there was a good combination of these three genres.

The groove atmosphere was improved like never before in this album and the reason behind this improvement is that they got "Gene Hoglan" as their drummer. "Gene Hoglan" is a skilled, experienced and well known drummer, he's played for various bands, and for many of them, he was the corner stone.

The music in this album is surprising actually, the fast riffs that can be found almost in the whole album except of "Designing the Enemy", the great solos (as in "Fear Campaign" and "Christploitation") and the outstanding drums that dominate from the first track to the last one, but those three elements weren't really enough to make this album the best industrial ever made, so here comes another element, the vocals, the vocals are really great ones and are the major element that spot the music of "Fear Factory", the vocals vary in each song and the use of the clean ones is great. One last thing about the music, the effects used in this album and the use of keyboards are really major and can't be ignored at all.

Why 20 out of 20?
Because this album got everything! The cover art is outstanding, the titles, the lyrics, the idea and the music, everything is just perfect, so why not 20?

Final thought, this album, for me, is the best industrial ever made, if not, at least ever made in six years, and I think that "Fear Factory" has made it real, and has reached a new level that is so difficult for other bands to reach!

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rivethead2001 - 17 Luty 2010: I don't agree.I'm a big Fear Factory-fan but Mechanize never touches the level of Demanufacture, meaning that Mechanize does not possess the "hits", Demanufacture does.The new album is hard and heavy(heavier than Digimortal and Transgression), that's a fact, and i like it, but the songs don't stick in my head.The average metalhead will like it, but i can't imagine diehard FF-fans will.
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