Liberation = Termination

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Band Name Mors Principium Est
Album Name Liberation = Termination
Type Album
Data wpisu 02 Marzec 2007
Styl muzycznyMelodic Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album117


1. Orsus 00:25
2. The Oppressed Will Rise 03:19
3. The Animal Within 03:30
4. Finality 03:18
5. Cleansing Rain 04:20
6. Forgotten 01:43
7. Sinners Defeat 05:26
8. The Distance Between 04:17
9. It Is Done 02:49
10. Terminal Liberation 04:16
11. Lost Beyond Retrieval 04:44
Total playing time 38:07

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Artykuł @ samMETALHEAD

26 Wrzesień 2010
Finnish melodeath act Mors Principium Est is back with their 3rd album "Liberation = Termination". After two brilliant album releases, this one deserves to have high expectations. Promising not to be another Children of Bodom clone, MPE has surely unveiled another side of melodic death.

Liberation = Termination features 11 tracks. The intro track "Orsus" can be best defined as ambient noise. It's nothing but useless when compared to other Mors intros like "Another Creation" & "Pure". The album truly opens up with "The Oppressed Will Rise" which features some insane drumming and brilliant guitar riffs, along-with a melodic solo. Just like the previous album, Mors has kept the keyboards atmospheric & at the back. Yet it can be distinctly heard in songs like "Sinners Defeat" & "The Distance Between". The introduction of electronica in songs like "The Animal Within" & "Liberation = Termination" can make some fans frown. However, mixing the electonica elements with speedy death metal riffs & melodic solos make it quite a pleasant listen. Ville does quite a commendable job with his growling vocals. His pitch never falls & his shrieking vocals are brilliant itself.

There is no song in particular that can be highlighted or called stand-out because Mors have made each & every track superbly. The brilliant guitar techniques,vocals & drumming right from "The Oppressed Will Rise" till "Lost Beyond Retrieval" only speaks about the skillful musicianship of the band. "The Distance Between" is slower than the other tracks, but more mellow & atmospheric. Just like "The Unborn", this album is filled with melodic solos, but it neither has the pace nor those orgasmic sweep-picking techniques. The instrumental outro track "Lost Beyond Retrieval" is immensely atmospheric, mainly because of the inexplicable good whammy use coupled with an electrifying solo, ending the album on a perfect note.

Mors Principium Est in this album, has no doubt shifted to a more technical sound by being more technically melodic instead of melancholically melodic. In other words, Mors proves that melodic death is much more than christmas keyboards and acoustic guitars. With Mors, death is surely the new beginning.

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