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Band Name Hammerfall
Album Name Infected
Type Album
Data wpisu 20 Maj 2011
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Wyprodukowany przez
Styl muzycznyMelodic Power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album225


1. Patient Zero 06:02
2. Bang Your Head 03:48
3. One More Time 04:08
4. The Outlaw 04:12
5. Send Me a Sign 04:00
6. Dia de los Muertos 05:08
7. I Refuse 04:33
8. 666 - The Enemy Within 04:29
9. Immortalized 04:00
10. Let's Get It On 04:06
11. Redemption 07:02
1. Patient Zero 06:07
2. Bang Your Head 03:54
3. One More Time 04:14
4. The Outlaw 04:16
5. Send Me a Sign 04:08
Total playing time 51:28

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Artykuł @ Dr.Feelgood

25 Maj 2011

Where Is Hector And His Hammer?

I guess most of you know the history of Hammerfall. One glory night they created an excellent masterpiece called Glory to the Brave and since then they have done very good and just good attempts without reaching the success and the high levels of their first one. The new album Infected has two sides, the first belongs to their past and the second one belongs to the supposed future of the band without leaving back their traditional clues.

Firstly, forget the epic themes, because here we have to do with histories about zombies, something really strange to our ears, but what counts more is the result. There are songs like "Dia de los muertos" and "Bang your head" which carry the nostalgy of their first days, quickness at its best, great riffs and the rest guitar parts keep our interesting still alive. They are not songs that repeat the past, but songs which show that Hammerfall must not forget what they have achieved.

There are also some other songs like "Immortalized" in which the first riff makes it clear that the band wanted a little dose from Savatage and much more that they wanted to put some new things in their music, something that I could characterize it as a hopeful endeavor for their future. They did that again in their previous album No Sucrifice, No Victory in which the heavy metal of '80s was their weapon, but now somehow they luck on it.

Apart from the style of their songs the contribution of every member on the sound is very good. Great riffs from Oscar and Pontus, nice drumming from Andres and the voice of Joacim sounds fresh and young as in every album. But the problem is the contribution of two members, Joacim and Oscar, on lyrics. I would like to hear ideas from the rest members, who possibly could give a better musical appearance to the band.

From the best moments of the album is their cover on "Send Me a Sign", a song from the hungarian band Pokolgép. Hammerfall have always been the best in interpreting ballads from "Glory to the Brave" till this one.

Even the fact that they replaced Charlie Bauerfeind with James Michael gives a different tone to the album, just check the chorus of "Let's get it on" sounds like a Motley Crue chorus from Shout At The Devil, despite its fast and powerful riffing.

Hammerfall have never created a bad album, but sometimes they do not try enough, Infected is just a good album, not strong enough to reach the level of No Sucrifice, No Victory, but it has its really good moments even if that means three or four good songs. Time will show about this album and in case some of you do not like it, I will not blame you. But, still now I want to hear from them something close to their first album!

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