Illud Divinum Insanus

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Band Name Morbid Angel
Album Name Illud Divinum Insanus
Type Album
Data wpisu 07 Czerwiec 2011
Wydawcy Season Of Mist
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album264


 Omni Potens
 Too Extreme!
 Existo Vulgoré
 Blades for Baal
 I Am Morbid
 10 More Dead
 Destructos Vs the Earth / Attack
 Beauty Meets Beast
 Profundis - Mea Culpa

Total playing time: 56:39

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Morbid Angel

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Komentarz @ CLucker666

05 Grudzień 2011

I don't think anybody expected this!

Well I want to start this review off with saying that I am a fan of this album. Everyone might hate me for that but it's my opinion and I don't think it is as bad of an album as most say. The album is much different from their old stuff but, I don't think it is bad.

The intro is a very catchy start to the album, but when I heard the song Too Extreme, I almost gave up on the album right there. Too Extreme is a mediocre Industrial Metal song, that has a really annoying beat in the background, that is just a terrible sound for your ears. Another song I wasn't too fond of is Destructos Vs. the Earth/Attack. It also sounds like an industrial song and has an annoying talking voice in it.

Some of the good songs that I liked in the album are Blades for Baal, Nevermore, Radikult, Existo Vulgore, I Am Morbid, and pretty much every song besides the two I mentioned above. I have heard a lot of hate on Radikult, but honestly I think it is an extremely catchy song. As soon as David Vincent's growls kick in, the song just makes me want to head bang. This album is probably one of the easiest reviews I've done because of how many mixed thoughts this album has(not too many good ones).

If you are also a fan like me of Illud Divinum Insanus then you should comment and tell me what you think about it. I've also heard a bunch of people say, "They made one different album, they're still MA and it is not that bad". Which I totally agree with. The industrial parts of this album are what threw me off a lot, but I can get past them, and still enjoy the majority of the album.

The video below shows how Morbid Angel use to be. I have listened to this album a lot and I am going to give it a 14/20.

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emofreak33 - 05 Grudzień 2011: It's not bad at all that they decided to progress their music, it's just that it can't be put under the name "MORBID ANGEL". The song that I heard that turned me away was "Radikult". HUGE disappointment. Even their drummer hates it. THE REASON WHY there are industrial sounds was because their vocalist was in a bunch of industrial metal bands during his time away from morbid angel.
CLucker666 - 07 Grudzień 2011: yeah i noticed that when I was looking at the other bands David had been in. If it didn't have the industrial parts in it, it wouldn't be that bad of an album
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