Gods of War

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Band Name Manowar
Album Name Gods of War
Type Album
Data wpisu 23 Luty 2007
Nagrany w Galaxy Studios
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album298


 Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
 The Ascension
 King of Kings
 Army of the Dead (Part I)
 Loki God of Fire
 Blood Brothers
 Overture to Odin
 The Blood of Odin
 The Sons of Odin
 Glory Majesty Unity
 Gods of War
 Army of the Dead (Part II)
 Hymn of the Immortal Warriors

 Die for Metal

Total playing time: 01:13:42

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Artykuł @ Vinrock666

10 Lipiec 2008
Manowar's "Gods of War" is a tough album to critique due to the uncertainty of its nature. Its equal parts metal and opera and, unfortunately, both of them put together lack the substance to say that the whole is a success.
A considerable amount of the record is instrumental, with some of the tracks featuring voice over.
Because the credits are written in runes, it remains a mystery if any of the orchestral and choir parts are actually real ; Those parts sound more or less like they come from an overzealous keyboardist with a blank check.

Although the subject matter is very cool - who doesn't like the story of Odin - this album plays out as if it is a story, and who likes reading anything twice ? This is where the metal portion of "Gods of War" end up as a disappointment…

The first DeMaio/Logan power chords aren't heard until after an overture well over five minutes. "Sleipnir" is arguably the best track on the record, and that's only because there really isn't much to choose from. "Blood Brothers" is also a good track, although it sounds like that classic Manowar-style ballad and it features Eric Adams singing about being your best friend. Back to the operatic parts, if this was indeed a metal opera, than it can be argued that they pulled it off.
The Odin theme appears throughout, and the legend as it is retold here is on the mark.

The problem with "Gods of War" is that although quite Wagnerian influenced, it is not a metal opera and the result is that it's too slow, too long, contrived, rehashed, constantly yearning for the cool parts and, ultimately, disappointing when they do arrive. Lastly, the funniest song is the bonus track "Die For Metal". It's Manowar parodying Manowar, and that ain't pretty.

In short, Manowar's 2007 LP "Gods of War" will put you in a berserker rage, just not for the right reasons.

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