From Hateful Visions

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Band Name Judas Iscariot
Album Name From Hateful Visions
Type Compilation
Data wpisu 2000
Wydawcy Pagan Records
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album5


1. An Eternal Kingdom of Fire 07:56
2. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames 06:20
3. Eternal Bliss... Eternal Death 06:55
4. Before a Circle of Darkness 05:26
5. From Hateful Visions 05:03
6. Spill the Blood of the Lamb 03:58
7. An Ancient Starry Sky 03:28
8. Descent to the Abyss 04:53
9. Benevolent Whore, Dethroned for Eternity 03:18
10. Journey Through Visions of War 05:41
11. March Upon a Mighty Throne 03:46
12. Spill the Blood of the Lamb (Special Blitzkieg Version) 03:15
13. To the Black Tower of Victory (Remix Version) 03:27
14. In the Bliss of the Eternal Valleys of Hate (Remix Version) 06:35
Total playing time 1:10:01