Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy

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Band Name Mindless Self Indulgence
Album Name Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy
Type Album
Data wpisu 22 Luty 2000
Wydawcy Elektra Records
Styl muzycznyIndustrial Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album28


1. Backmask
2. Bitches
3. Boomin'
4. Clarissa
5. Cocaine and Toupees
6. Dicks Are for My Friends
7. F
8. Faggot
9. Futures
10. Golden I
11. Harry Truman
12. Holy Shit
13. I Hate Jimmy Page
14. I'm Your Problem Now
15. J
16. Keepin' Up With the Kids
17. Kick the Bucket
18. Kill the Rock
19. Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World
20. London Bridge
21. M
22. Masturbates
23. Planet of the Apes
24. Played
25. Ready for Love
26. Royally Fucked
27. Seven-Eleven
28. Step Up, Ghetto Blaster
29. Whipstickagostop
30. Z

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Artykuł @ Unicorn88

07 Styczeń 2012

Not a metal album, but still amazing

I love MSI. I've been a fan of theirs for about 6 years. In that time they released one pretty good CD, You'll Rebel to Anything and If. Which made for a good $10 coaster for any coffee table, but was musically shit. Frankenstein Girls is definitely their best album out of their 4. But, it is not a metal album and MSI is not a metal group. I consider them techno punk and it's definitely more accurate than the industrial metal term, a lot of people call it.

MSI always has had the best vocalist in the punk business. Jimmy Urine has the best sound, swagger, humor, and quality of any other vocalist I've heard. His intense high singing is as good of quality as professional female singers in operas. Which is pretty hilarious in my opinion but it definitely works for their sound.

In albums, I usually go for technical instrumentals. I find the instrumentals in this album pretty simple but MSI makes it work. It goes with the vocals and techno noise. I'm sure most will agree that simple instruments that fit into the songs perfectly is better than over complex instrumentals that go with a song awfully. Everything fits together like a puzzle.

The lyrics of this album is a remnant of The Ramones and Black Flag where it'd just talk about normal lIfe in a satirical manor. It has an honesty about lIfe that is actually somewhat witty, which I wouldn't expect for a band like this but I do enjoy very much. Not saying i didn't think they had it in them but I bought it before this album and the lyrics were very, let's just say, dIfferent than this album.

Overall this album is funny, witty and it works so I rate it a 19/20. An extremely good punk/techno album.

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Unicorn88 - 07 Styczeń 2012: No offense taken & I agree with the first point. Bands like MSI, Nirvana, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Part & those sort are NOT metal but its on the site so why not review? xD & the song isnt my favorite but hey, the rest of the album is pretty badass in my opinion
Crinn - 07 Styczeń 2012: haha ok:P and to be honest i consider breaking benjamin and pre-2004 linkin park to be metal :P basically anything with really heavily distorted guitars is liable to be metal. But there are other bands on here like Angelspit, Breathe Carolina, etc. that arent metal O.o and they're still on here even though they belong on Spirit of Rock
Unicorn88 - 08 Styczeń 2012: Yeah. I basically consider anything after from 1990-now with singing being 90% or more of the vocals rock no matter how heavy the music. Thats just me.
Unicorn88 - 08 Styczeń 2012: actually make that 75% singing.
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