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Band Name Bullet For My Valentine
Album Name Fever
Type Album
Data wpisu 26 Kwiecień 2010
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album511


 Your Betrayal
 The Last Fight
 A Place Where You Belong
 Pleasure and Pain
 Breaking Out Breaking Down
 Bittersweet Memories
 Begging for Mercy
 Pretty on the Outside

Total playing time: 49:36

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Komentarz @ Vermilion_Angel

14 Październik 2011

This album will be amazing for BFMV fans...

Bullet for My Valentine's fourth full-length album, titled Fever, is a great mixture of power ballads and nu/heavy metal. Although it is extremely similar to Bullet's past albums, it is still a great record. I feel as though the band have found a style and genre that they fit into and that they are releasing literally the same record every time, so fans might get bored of this. For new fans, this album is a great place to start.

There isn't much experimentation in this album, only as much as there has been on their previous releases. The general use of both sung and screamed vocals, fast and complicated guitar solos, and passionate ballads remain the same.

Bullet for My Valentine are an amazing band, I think their music is great and in a way, unique. Every song on Fever is special in it's own way, especially “A Place Where You Belong”, “Bittersweet Memories” and “Dignity”. These three songs are my favourite because of the tones used. The guitars in A Place Where You Belong and Bittersweet Memories change between acoustic/clean tones and distorted tones that bring the songs to life and give them an extra push. Dignity uses classic Bullet guitar sounds, and has one of the best choruses I have ever heard before in my life. The power that is brought during the chorus is unexplainable, especially when played live.

Considering Bullet for My Valentine aren't as well known as other bands, this album is 5 star. Although they have stuck to their common style once again, for fans that have stuck by them since the beginning, this album will be amazing to them. For the new fans, I recommend listening to this first because for me, the best songs are on this record.

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emofreak33 - 14 Październik 2011: um dude haha this is their FOURTH album, not their third:P might wanna change that ;)
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Komentarz @ DominoBfmv

04 Styczeń 2011

A powerful Bullet for my Valentine album

Fever, which was released April 27,2010, was a huge success for the band.Fever climbed at No 1 on both Rock and Alternative Chart and No 3 on Billboard Album Chart only one month after been released.

Fever is a powerful, well-made album which not only sounds good but also has a Bullet for My Valentine signature in it. It is more aggressive than Scream,Aim,Fire and it exudes emotions as real as possible. The dynamic sound and the characteristic sound of the band's harmonious guitars make a skillful blend of thrash and melodic metal.

Lyrically, Fever has strong lyrics that inspire not only pain, anger, betrayal, but also thirst for revenge and hopes for something better. Generally, as a whole, Fever fills you with different emotions which more often are complicated for us to understand.

Personally, I think that there are no best songs in this album. Each and every song has its own style and power which makes it unique and uncomparable. However, "Your Betrayal" and "Bittersweet Memories" could be considered the songs which differ in an odd way.

To sum up, Bullet offered us a magnificent 3rd album awhich defends the band's reputation and personal style. Only a fourth album can overweigh this one.


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