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Band Name Altaria
Album Name Divinity
Type Album
Data wpisu Maj 2004
Wydawcy AOR Heaven
Styl muzycznySymphonic power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album48


1. Unchain the Rain 03:43
2. Will to Live 03:57
3. Prophet of Pestilence 03:41
4. Darkened Highlight 03:44
5. Discovery 03:53
6. Falling Again 04:14
7. Divine 04:04
8. Haven 03:41
9. Try to Remember 03:39
10. Stain on the Switchblade 03:28
11. Enemy 04:16
12. Final Warning 04:08
Bonustrack (Japanese Edition)
13. Stranger
Bonustrack (European Limited Edition)
13. Balls to the Wall (Accept Cover)
Total playing time 46:28

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Artykuł @ ratsnickers

20 Czerwiec 2009
This is Altaria's second release ('Invitation' being their first) and they play melodic power metal.
All the tracks are very melodic and will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet very quickly, but they sound very much like your standard Helloween/Hammerfall clone band with the occasional (unfortunate) Europe type moment thrown in.
However as i have already implied their lack of originality is not necessarily a huge problem as the songs are enjoyable to listen to and i'm sure they are great in the live enviroment of a concert as it is very easy to sing along to their catchy tunes.
The problem they do have to contend with is that they just do not stand out from numerous other power metal acts (though more enjoyable than pure Helloween copyists like Edguy) and they will probably disappear into the mire of also-rans unless they can give themselves an edge.
If you are a big power metal fan (i do love power metal but prefer the rawer style like Sacred Steel etc.) and can't wait for the next melodic masterpiece from Helloween or Gamma Ray then buy this as there is much you will enjoy but for the rest of us (and i must state that i really do like Hammerfall) it's a case of try before you buy.


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