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Band Name To Die For
Album Name Cult
Type Album
Data wpisu 26 Czerwiec 2015
Styl muzycznyGothic Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album10


1. In Black 04:03
2. Screaming Birds 05:08
3. Unknown III 06:06
4. Mere Dream 02:36
5. You 04:40
6. Straight Up 05:00
7. Let It Bleed 04:22
8. End of Tears 05:27
Total playing time 37:22

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Komentarz @ Metallum1627

21 Sierpień 2021

In general, Cult is an album below the average and predictable, but...

Cult is the last album from To/Die/For until the moment, it was released by Massacre Records label on the 26th June 2015. The sound product created by: Jape Perätalo ( Voices and Keys); Juppe Sutela e Esa Virén (Guitars); Samuel Schildt (Bass) and Samuel Schildt (Drums) is a work that demonstrates the emotional and creative tiredness of the band.

Even being an album that shows strong signals of exhaustion, the final result isn’t bad. Eight tracks of Cult display the same Gothic Metal with lectronics effects, melodies and heaviness mixed in a effective way without pretension, a trademark from the finnish in all their discography that began with the album All Eternity. (1999)

Aforementioned exhaustion appears in the apathy of the tracks, specially in vocal lines and some arrangements that look tired, frustrated and copies from ideas used on the previous albums. Despite an inferior performance, Cult offers good moments on the tracks: “In Black”; Unknown III” e “You” that are straight to the point.

In general, Cult is an album below the average and predictable, but that still shows all the elements that made To/Die/For an interesting Gothic Metal band to listen to, when what you look for is a simpler sound made with knowledge of cause.

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