Concrete Sustain

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Band Name Batillus
Album Name Concrete Sustain
Type Album
Data wpisu 19 Marzec 2013
Wydawcy Seventh Rule
Styl muzycznyDoom Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album3


1. Concrete
2. Cast
3. Beset
4. Mirrors
5. Rust
6. Thorns

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

29 Marzec 2013

Classic Sludge meets classic Industrial Metal!

Batillus could have stayed rather unknown in the Sludge scene. It’s not that the music they previously released is bad, it’s just that Sludge is the most underground part of Doom Metal and very few bands get to have as much exposure as Eyehategod or Crowbar. But this could well change with Concrete Sustain. Where other releases of the band were just plain good sludge, the industrial elements added on Batillus’ latest album could make the difference.

There were already a few experimentations in that area on the 2012 split record with Whitehorse but those were only glimpses if not glitches compared to the material on Concrete Sustain. Because on top of the more classical Sludge elements which you could compare to bands like Pyramido or Pombagira, the added layer of electronic instruments provide reminiscences of the late 80’s/early 90’s golden age of Industrial Metal. Their naïve use reminded of the keys and samples Ministry used on The Land of Rape and Honey and other Pigface mindraping tools.

Though some may judge it as being artificial and one way to hide the poverty of the music, I tend to think that this marriage is quite welcome. It soothes the harsher side of Sludge inducing oblivion via repetition. Don’t think that basically BatillusSludge is gimmicks only because there is indeed variety on Concrete Sustain. For instance the addition of “almost” Death Metal vocals on Beset make them sound like French Eibon where for instance. It goes even further on Mirrors where it’d seem that Scorn would play Doom Death. Intriguing. Thorns, the last track, resembles the quieter works of Abandon and with the added “industrial” touch it’s very close in essence to the best of Jesu, an impression reinforced by the peculiar vocals on that track.

A very refreshing record that could open more doors for the band and a perfect and not too ass-raping introduction for anyone wanting to get to know Sludge a little better. Better Batillus than Toadliquor if you know what I mean…

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