Chaos A.D.

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Band Name Sepultura
Album Name Chaos A.D.
Type Album
Data wpisu 02 Wrzesień 1993
Styl muzycznyThrash Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1307


Re-Issue in 1996 by Roadrunner Records with 4 bonus tracks. Track 13 : bonus track (Japanese & American Releases). Tracks 14-17 : bonus tracks (Re-Issue 1996).
 Refuse / Resist
 Slave New World
 Biotech Is Godzilla
 We Who Are Not As Others
 The Hunt (New Model Army cover)
 Clenched Fist

 Policia (Titas Cover)
 Chaos B.C.
 Kaiowas (Tribal Jam)
 Territory (Live Version)
 Amen - Inner Self (Live Version)

Total playing time: 01:11:25

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Komentarz @ KaosKeraunos

23 Wrzesień 2009
You always hear of Chaos A.D being mentioned as a thrash classic, up there with Bonded by Blood and Welcome to Hell. But would it really be up in the great big thrash VIP room if they just sang about hating jesus and being molested by teachers?

Musically, what makes it a classic is its variety of elements used and the range of styles they incorporate, ranging from intimidating thrash-your-guts-out, jungle warfare anthems like Biotech is Godzilla, to numbers like The Hunt where the tale they tell stands out above the music (may the guy they were hunting rest in peace), to more progressive songs like We Are Not As Others. Chaos A.D's style is built on the bay area thrash blueprint, infused with definitive tribal elements and organic sound, and rallied by Max's Amebix-style vocals in a furious revolution Against any steenkin dictators.

Looking at it lyrically, you get the feeling that the whole concept of Sepultura at the time transcended thrash metal. Sure, thrash was part of the battle strategy, but it was subject to the struggles and reality they wanted to voice, not the other way round.

In certain aspects, their ideas are similar to those of the viking/black metal movement of Scandinavia; encouraging the return to tribal values and disgust with the political/religious powers that be. HOWEVER, Norway is the country that has the least political instability worldwide, and one can hopefully deduce that Refuse - Resist ain't about taking a stroll though a forest wearing corpse paint. The fact that Sepultura had to deal with political instability, amongst other things, meant that Chaos A.D was undeniably real. In my opinion, one of the best, most in-your-face thrash albums ever; if silence means death, Sepultura were very much alive.

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BleedTheBlind - 23 Wrzesień 2009: Very well elaborated and defined review. Chaos A.D is probably my favourite Sepultura album to this day.
dhole - 29 Wrzesień 2009: DEFO.. this album would have to be one of the best thrash albums i'v herd . it is sep's greatest along with arise, beneath the remains & Schizophrenia
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