Black Stone Cherry

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Band Name Black Stone Cherry
Album Name Black Stone Cherry
Type Album
Data wpisu 18 Lipiec 2006
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album164


1. Rain Wizard
2. Backwoods Gold
3. Lonely Train
4. Maybe Someday
5. When the Weight Comes Down
6. Crosstown Woman
7. Shooting Star
8. Hell and High Water
9. Shape of Things
10. Violator Girl
11. Tired of Rain
12. Drive
13. Rollin' on

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Artykuł @ julien

11 Czerwiec 2007
Have you ever mixed up a hold Bourbon with cola? If yes, you'll understand what I mean when I say that Black Stone Cherry, is the same mix.
We consider it improbable and disrespectful, and finally it leaves a very pleasant taste in mouth. To leave fallen the image, Black Stone Cherry it is king of good old stoner Confederate and other bands as Black Sabbath to whom comes to be added all the modernity of the current metal. Believe me, that's move!!
Yes, a such hybridization is possible, and it's necessary to recognize that the power loosened by this album frightens.It is not for lack of having to try but, rare are those bands which have makes a success of this daring bet.
But , what goes even farther, it's that behind the fact of recognize influences rock, hard rock, US like has to find often imitated, never equalled grunge elements there.The flat shadow of Chris Cornell and his guys above this eponymic album, without shouting for all that in the plagiarism. Why? For the simple and good reason, it is because once to add to Led Zep, Black Sabbath, of one fiddled by groups dirtier rock some than the others and pouder by a good talented dose, we obtain a unique and especially modern disk.
Because it is the big point underlined and another expression appears: " It is in the old jars that we make the best jam. "
Not easy because this disk does not glance through, it appreciates in time. Yes we could shout in anything but no, it is not there. The disk opens on a title of the good disks of stoner. The very nice tune holds on easily and we take ourselves in the game. But , where the disk becomes more surprising it's when the hightly-rated more currnt metal stands out. So " Backwoods Gold" opens the voice has the coeducation and we have it for his money.It is on a title as that there or the influences mix has miracle that we take all the measure of the talent of the group. To give another example a title as "Wolfmother", prick more its influences in the 70s but with a big blow of chamois leather that rings modern and that has the class. I let you discover the other influences not to spoil your pleasure but a little advice: hold you on "Hell and High Water", a regal.
The modern aspect is also brought by a sound has quite test. It is of the grotty / own if we can say it so. That rings old scool but with a big sound. I know that the notion is a little abstracted but it is better necessary to listen to it, that will be simpler.

I knew in no way the group before falling on this album, but I admit that the discovery is more than maid. If you indeed want to please to listen to this disk which in a great deal of assets in its sleeve!!!!!!!

Translated by Trashykiss

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