Axioma Ethica Odini

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Band Name Enslaved (NOR)
Album Name Axioma Ethica Odini
Type Album
Data wpisu 27 Wrzesień 2010
Styl muzycznyProgressive Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album258


Special edition with a 7" bonus vinyl single included.
 Ethica Odini
 The Beacon
 Night Sight

 Jotunblod (Doom)

Total playing time: 58:27

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02 Październik 2010
It is an honor to write a review on an album for a great band like Enslaved, and it is also an honor to put things where they belong and give credits to those who deserve, and here I'm not talking about Enslaved.

Let's get it straight folks, the Norwegian metal scene has offered nothing in the last decade, and in the starter year of this decade, I think that the major names of Norway are not willing to offer the least that keeps Norway on the map, unlike their competitors in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even in the United States.

So I got the album right? Yes, unfortunately I did, and I was impressed when I saw how silly and weak the cover art looks, and I thought "Yea, well, cover arts never told the whole story", but wait, talking of the cover arts, I did notice that none of Enslaved's cover arts is good.

And since the cover art is not that good, I expected to hear some good stuff, well, surprisingly, I did not hear anything that worthy of being listened to. From the very first song till the end of the album, there's nothing unique, majorly, the same drums that varies between the slow to mid-speed, and actually those drum are somehow annoying when out of the sudden they go fast and then again slow, I mean for drums, there's nothing impressive, high drum techniques are absent.

And for the instrument that have been called Guitar, nothing unique, the music is so expected and boring, and guys, guys, guys, there's nothing cool of playing acoustic tone then jump to distortion and high electric guitar tone.
For the lyrics, I really did read the lyrics for five or six times and, I got nothing, maybe, it's me, but I'd like to know what actually are you guys are talking about, and there's a lack of rhyme in the lyrics, and the lyrics has no references to the titles.

The screaming vocals are cool, but not too impressive, and I couldn't understand why they're using clean vocals.

All the points I talked about before taking in consideration that they have categorized themselves as "Viking Metal", well, there was nothing Viking in what I heard. But actually they kept reminding me of Opeth for some reason.
So a final thought, Enslaved and many of the Norwegian "Legends" don't deserve the credits they have, I mean, the Non-Norwegian metal bands have done much more, if not since the early days of metal, then at least in the last decade.

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JoeNoctus - 03 Październik 2010: I think your comments on the lyrics are unfair. The titles and the lyrics themselves don't have to link, and they definitely don't have to rhyme like you say they do. I also disagree about the cover art. I think the cover art is great, and suits the album very well. Your review isn't that bad, but you don't justify any of your points at all. I'll reserve judgment before I vote whether it's helpful or not.
Chimaira54 - 11 Październik 2010: Have you listen the same album as me ...?
NcFt - 01 Luty 2011: I think this album is good enough for me to listen twice?just because the drums.
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