Attack Attack!

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Band Name Attack Attack (USA)
Album Name Attack Attack!
Type Album
Data wpisu 08 Czerwiec 2010
Wydawcy Rise Records
Wyprodukowany przez Joey Sturgis
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album62


 Sexual Man Chocolate
 Renob, Nevada
 "I Swear I'll Change"
 Shut Your Mouth (ft. McSwagger)
 A for Andrew
 Fumbles O'Brian
 Turbo Swag
 Lonely (ft. Jason Cameron of Bury Tomorrow)

Total playing time: 34:03

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Komentarz @ Crinn

19 Grudzień 2011

Oh my god...

[Originally posted August 4, 2011]

Two tours after the release of their debut, the lead vocalist for Attack Attack! was kicked out of the band because of personal differences. I didn’t get the chance to hear their new vocalist until a couple of weeks before their sophomore self-titled album was released. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube of them performing Stick Stickly from various tours like the 2009 Warped Tour, and their most recent headlining tour. The first scream that left his mouth made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I saw comments saying he sounded like a dead cat puking up a hair ball, I honestly think he sounds worse! I am still amazed by the fact that they replaced one of the best screamers ever by one of the worst!

He also screwed up the band. They’re not nearly as tight as they used to be, yes, they are still great musicians (especially the drummer), but they’re not a band anymore! Even all of the editing in the studio wasn’t enough to make them sound good, which failed. Their singer’s “singing” is basically 98% auto-tune. The overall band’s creativity has completely disappeared; the sound quality of the album is very low and cheap.

The only songs on the album that are at least descent and actually have some creativity are A for Andrew, Smokahontas, and AC-130. My favorite would have to be Smokahontas, which I think was written before their original vocalist was kicked out of the band. Overall I will give this a 8/20

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McLovinSkittlez - 16 Czerwiec 2012: Alright, watched that video, laughed so hard I cried, and honestly, they had no professionalism back then...So glad Caleb's in pristine form!
Crinn - 16 Czerwiec 2012: read the review I wrote on their newest album!!
McLovinSkittlez - 17 Czerwiec 2012: Been there, done that. Definitely agree with you on being blown away with the very opening riff, and the fact that I was speechless when listening to the deluxe version of this here, previously disastrous, album :D
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