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Band Name Theatre Of Tragedy
Album Name Assembly
Type Album
Data wpisu 04 Marzec 2002
Styl muzycznyGothic Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album118


 Automatic Lover
 Universal Race
 Let You Down
 Liquid Man

Total playing time: 42:29

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21 Listopad 2010
After the awful "Musique", Theatre of Tragedy keeps going electronic, and that's a big disappointment for old fans who thought that the 3 first albums were a great achievement.

The electronic sounds are prominent once again, no grunting vocals once again, but there is a huge difference between "Musique" and "Assembly": the band is mixing this whole electronic influence with some elements where you can reckon Theatre of Tragedy once again. It doesn't mean they are better now than they were when playing gothic or doom, really far from that, it just means that they got back to some good musical moments, that you can feel they are a metal band with gothic influences by adding the right tone to songs like "Liquid Man" (what a great track!!). Liv Kristine's voice it's much better used now than on Musique where they didn't seem to fit on music and yes, the male vocals don't have that strange accent anymore (good!!!).
Also Assembly is a lot more introspective than Musique which was cold and sterile - this time the sound embraces you better (specially on the last part of the album where the best songs are) - it has much better tracks, although yes, there are still some bad ones and very important: those ridiculous lyrics have disappeared!!

I like Assembly in parts ( "Play", "Envision and "Liquid Man" are very good songs), but not globally: it's a step forward and if they improve a bit they can even keep going electronic by getting their melancholic roots back. They're better playing electronic gothic than electronic rock... and yes, they were better before going electronic!

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