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Band Name Assemblage 23
Album Name Addendum
Type Album
Data wpisu 2001
Styl muzycznyIndustrial Electro
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Let Me Be Your Armor
2. Awake [Imperative Reaction Mix]
3. Naked [God Module RMX]
4. Divide [Tidal Mix by]
5. Surface[Grip Mix by Aghast View]
6. Breath of Ghosts
7. Disappoint [Negative Format Remix]
8. Naked [Clear Vision Remix]
9. King of Insects [Red Sparrow Remix]
10. The Drowning Season [Original 1996 Mix]
11. Silence [Lo-fi Quietude Remix by Converter]
12. Naked [ Project X Remix]
13. Away