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Band Name Uriah Heep
Album Name Abominog
Type Album
Data wpisu 1982
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album76


1. You Scared to Run
2. Chasing Shadows
3. On the Rebound
4. Hot Night in the Cold Town
5. Running All Night (with the Lion)
6. That's the Way That It Is
7. Prisoner
8. Hot Persuasion
9. Seil Your Soul
10. Think It Over
11. Tin Soldier
12. Son of a Bitch
13. That's the Way That It Is (Alternate Version)
14. Hot Persuasion (Alternate Version)
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2005)
15. Son of a Bitch (From "Abominog" Junior EP)
16. Tin Soldier (From "Abominog" Junior EP)
17. Think It Over (Video Soundtrack)
18. Too Scared to Run (Live)
19. Sell Your Soul (Live)
20. That's the Way That It Is (Live)