...For Victory

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Nazwa zespołu Bolt Thrower
Tytuł płyty ...For Victory
Type Album
Data wpisu 24 Listopad 1994
Wydawcy Earache Records
Wyprodukowany przez Colin Richardson
Gatunek muzycznyDeath Metal
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album368


 When Glory Beckons
 ...For Victory
 Graven Image
 Lest We Forget
 Silent Demise
 Forever Fallen
 Tank (MK I)
 Armageddon Bound

Total playing time: 39:35

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Komentarz @ BlondieMcFilthy

08 Grudzień 2014

Bolt Thrower embodies consistent excellence

Bolt Thrower's fifth album isn't a radical shift in style so much as a gradual evolution of where they'd been on The IVth Crusade. That's been something Bolt Thrower's done their whole career; contrary to what some say, they never really put out the same album, at least across their first five albums. I mean, while you can tell all of those albums were made by the same band, could anybody argue that In Battle There Is No Law and this album sound alike? Not really.

Whereas The IVth Crusade was a more majestic and epic piece, For Victory is a more much uptempo album; by and large this is still mid paced death metal, but there's a far more upfront sense of intensity here. The quintessential Bolt Thrower riff style are churning, low-end tremolo riffs combined with tight chugs and during this era, harmonized consonant melodies; (without going into Iron Maiden territory); these are all played in such a ruthlessly heavy way that they all feel like a tank rolling over the carcasses of the fallen. Bolt Thrower's music is intensely visceral and has never offered any quarter in that department. Karl Willets is one of the best death metal vocalists in the game as far as I am concerned, his gutteral but still recognizably human words present the miliant subject matter of the songs in as singularly excellent of a voice as there is.

For Victory isn't my personal favourite Bolt Thrower album, but it is the one I often turn to when I'm in the mood for them; songs like the opening one/two of "War"/"Rememberance", the title track, and "Armageddon Bound" are some of the most intensely memorable songs you'd hear in death metal, churning riffs placed into brilliantly composed odes to the violence and horror of warfare. The churning tremolo riff about 40 secs into "Remembrance" is one of the best riffs ever written as far as I am concerned, and on the whole, the band really knew how to piece together great riffs into brilliantly dynamic sounds. There's a couple of tracks in the middle that are perhaps a little weak, but on the whole For Victory is a quality album from one of the best death metal bands ever.

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