Visions Of Atlantis : Trinity

Symphonic power / Austria
(2007 - Napalm Records (AUT))
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Your rigid eyes stare into gloom,
I'm pouring out my grief to you...
Should I escape?
Nothing but silence where I stand,
Just a slight light at the end to pretend
I could escape.

White walls coming closer and closer,
Absorb my words without response.

I am your guide out of the dark
At the back of beyond
I hear your cries although they're gone
Through the night, out of the dawn
At the back of beyond
I am by your side but you are still alone.

Strain to scream my heart to you,
From my lips no sound escapes,
Just light from the moon...a twilight cry...
Trying to pick the better side
Stay in darkness, chase the light
Am I wrong, or am I right.

Painful sun is touching your face
A single ray may recall you to life.


I seek the earth, these timeless tranquil waves
That have since turned to dust, an endless phase.
I carry with me a heavy heart of stone,
That belongs deep inside the place for which I mourn.

Beyond love, beyond lust, beyond art
This constant yearning beats inside
more than my own craving heart.

This muse of passion stealing my restless soul
Senses intoxicated takes its toll
Heaven meets Earth with dusk's dark kiss
Taste my love within this chalice
It torments the inner artist.

Devoted reverence for the most beautiful dream
Becomes reality out of the faintest gleam.
Worlds come closer with the touch of your fire
Winding into towers of wordless choirs.

Beyond love, far above
Beyond art, you're the blood of my heart.


Trying to tell you what I can't explain
It's a place an emotion a lie
The loss in your eyes slowly drives me insane
So upon you I have to rely.

I show you truth as it's meant to be,
Falling to the bottomless winding sea.

Nothing's as bright as the light
At the end of reality
Passing dead end
Feel the absorption of light,
Unlocked with the darkest key,
Still I don't know,
What lies beyond my dream.

I've never seen anything shine so bright
Never been to that place before
There is no time and no space left inside
What I fear is what I do adore.

Now I am what I failed to see
Flying through the bottomless white and see.


I'm sitting here in an empty room,
I'm writing a poem now to you,
It's time to think about what we had.
And when the sun is going down,
All my feelings come around,
I'm so sorry, cause you`re dead.

If I could tell you all the pain I feel
And all the sorrow grows tonight…..

Why did you leave me here alone,
Why did you leave me on my own,
Was it time we just had borrowed.
Was it our destiny?
Or just my final fantasy,
And I'm left behind in sorrow, and pain...

Smoke and gloom are in the Air,
And your shades are everywhere,
Now I've learned the world called dying.
I`ll put a rope around my neck,
And at last I'm looking back,
To give up life is my defense.

Do you know another way?
Please come back and tell me how to stay.

My final tears I script for you,
These final cries I write for you,
All my pain cries out for you
These final tears I shed for you,
All my pain cries out for you.


Words in my head infest my mind
Things you said, but not defined.
Every moment on the run
Up a second, down next one.
Your far away reality
Dry your tears don't blame it on me.
Inside me there's nothing left for you.
Don't say it's raining
When there's no cloud in the sky.
Don't you see sun reflecting in my eyes?

When you're away light breaks in me,
To end the torment which you caused, life dawns in me,
Don't waste your tears, don't follow me.

No more pain, no disguise
Drive away the serpents in my paradise.
Never care of what you rake,
Always praying for your sake.
See just what you want to see,
Dry your tears don't blame it on me.


Blinded by the tears I shed while
Pricking my soul with needles
From out your eyes
Can't imagine it's too late
I could have seen it coming
Now I realize

It's not what it should be
Drowning in my memories
I'm drowning...
I'm living in my darkside...

My darkside home
Light is painting shadows
Where I used to go
My darkside home
Paper boats on water
Carrying all my hope

What is it you want
What is it you need
Your steps through my door
Won't tell me indeed
Out on the porch I see
The path you take is fading
In front of me

It's not what it should be
Blurred edges all around me
I'm living in my darkside…


Glimmer in the night relight the emptiness
Too bright to hide my inner mess
I take what I deserve
I have nothing more to lose
This is my rebirth I search for you

My heart is pulsating, like it never was before.
I breath in so deeply... arouse the wick in me.

Leave my crowded chest, soar up into the air.
Never come to rest until you find the one who cares.
Wingshaped heart awake, wherever you may sleep.
Hidden in my dreams, lose my tongue and let me scream.

Roar out my lungs and my soul
I'm back to life and I
Will never fall again
I keep my head up high

Out of my chest into the air
No time to rest, I am aware
Of what to do and how to take
An endless ride without a break


I know not the words to make you stay,
Yet they are engraved on your face
This secret language, I cannot speak,
Only whisper on the breeze.

My breath, these tears, my cries, all curled up inside.
Haunting apparitions that are hidden to the dark light of day.

Our destiny shall arrive, someday Angel,
I will come to you.
Our fates shall coincide, one day, my child,
I will come for you.

Cruel means took you far away from here,
Yet your ghost has inspired me.
I shall walk in shadows under the sun
Awaiting your faithful call.

My breath, these tears, my cries, all caught up inside.
Celestial apparitions that are shaded in the dark light of day.

What once was lost is now found deep inside of your soul
Cry out for me and I will return to you.


Don't confine what is mine, do you hear me?
Never break what I take or you'll feel me.
I'll come for you tonight when your eyes are shut.
The last ride on the wings of your dreams.
I'll clip them on your flight,
And you'll drown in blackness not able to fight.

Feeble screams faint with fear,
Evil beings time to sear.

Look through my eyes, what do you see?
A heart that dies, a soul is free.
That's the answer to my plea,
You'll pay for what you've done to me.

Don't burn what I built, flames awash in smoke,
My feelings once enchained by your embrace.
Never mess what I cleaned.
Always poisoning my mind,
My memories unrevealed.

Ties lie broken since I died for you.
Ties lie broken now die for me too.
Forgotten, Forsaken, Awoken,
Dissipated, raging mind.
I can't ease the thirst for freedom from this answer,
My world is full of disbelief and pain.


I got used to the void inside me
Abused by life I'll fight the emotions used
T to tear me down and lose my ground
I call for something, someone else,
Something somehow burst my spell
Crests of waves shall carry me
Far beyond my mind to see.

Not yet to fail
Try to prevail

Flow this desert
Everything grows underneath my feet
Wash away the dust that lies beneath

Under full sail to the light
Straight horizon out of sight
Wash ashore, what I will leave behind
Things I buried in my mind

Can't remember when or why I left
The desert wipes away my steps
On those dreary dusty path (my trial)
I'm Freezing in the night
Expecting morning light
To sear again while waiting for a shiver
Wash me away
And now I'm drifting astray,
But my way is my destination.

Drifting astray, but my way is my destination
Illuminate, horizons gate, my path turns red


I try to reach you through this fog of ancient fear.
And I`ll return to you one day again, my dear.

I made this journey over seven seas for you.
Now I found the place and now, I found the truth.

This is the last step to my illumination now,
So long just waiting, searching,
Hoping and finding the way how.
On the water in this realm I see your face...
A revelation`s done, right moment, right place.

Once in a lifetime your dream is your destiny`s way.
And here on the water...
This water, forever you`ll stay.

Dark waters now await my branded soul,
So much done to reach this deep dark hole.

The execution of all gains in my life before,
Is now, is then, and will be finally forevermore.
No more waiting, searching, hoping, and finding how,
As I've been told, I will reach your kingdom now.

Now I invite you to come to my kingdom with me,
No foretelling futures, through the eyes of the world you will see...

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