Terror (USA-1) : Always the Hard Way

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1. All For Revenge

I'll take the weight, hold the shame
Inside myself, I'm cut by blame
As the burden falls on me
Down on me
How could they know, the poisoned youth
Victim of the times, never shown truth
And you and me sat back and watched
As the foundation broke

This, this is the end
All, all for revenge

Destroy, rebuild, bomb your words
Our times at hand, I want to watch you burn
I can't ignore it anymore
Go right for you throat
An end to you, those in control
You feed the masses, a mindless clone
No wealth or fame can ever replace
My one true love, my saving grace

This is a call for vengeance
The search for redemption
The truth it speaks louder then bombs
So I confront myself and now I shut you down

This is the end all for revenge

2. Strike You Down

Narrow minded fools
Running in their packs
Nothing but a fistful of hate
Set for the attack

Strike you down
With all my will, all my strength
I crush you down

Can't unite with what I despise
Destroying your alibis
Now it's your turn
Your turn to feel the pain

The first strike, a vicious strike
Forcing you towards the end
Strike now, crush down
Your turn to feel the pain

Strike now, crush down
Your turn to feel the pain

3. Survival Comes Crashing In

Focused mind
I move in silence desperately
Can't lose myself in all that I see
Grinded by a will that never dies
Gotta break out, can't escape without a fight

Fight so hard just to get by
Confusion tries my peace
Fight so hard just to get by
Survival comes crashing down on me

So many answers I just could not find
So I roll with the lows and the highs
Gotta break out, can't escape without a fight

Hope gives birth to strength
Strength breaks through the loss, the greed
Got to break out, got to move on
Cause what was, will never be

Got to break out
Got to take some pain
Survival crashes in
Down on me
Comes down on me

4. Always The Hard Way

Self raised, self made
Nothing was ever handed to me
I tasted pain, the gutter hugged me
Till I stood up and embraced the flames

Always pushing, always searching
Always crossing the line
Try to hold me back
I swing the hammer of inner strength

Always the hard way
Nothing was never handed to me
Always the hard way
You taught me truth, you gave me strength
I learned everything the hard way

Helpless and crisis
Without them you never know better days
Unsound, self bound
Cause you never had to fight for anything

5. Lost

Can't keep with the changes
I just don't like what I see
Surrounded by all you hypocrites
Nothing here feels right to me
The faceless with so much to say
So sick of words I can't relate
Searched for just a moment of peace
Found out that there's nothing here for me

Just like you
I'm fucking lost

Stick tight to my friends
That's all I need
The underdogs ans outcasts
Next to me
And there's that one
She always pulled me through
Hard in this life
We are thrown into

This is heart of steel
Goes against the grain
Nothing to live for
So nothing's stands in my way
The truth carries me
And I see it in you
Our will to survive
Fights its way through

6. Last Of The Diehards

Everybody's crawling back
And think they should be heard
Gone longer than you were ever
And already ate all of your words

Last of the diehards
For better or for worse
Last of the diehards
You're living proof this is more than words

True agents of change, the living proof
I put all my faith in you
Gave me strength, showed me the way
The blood and the honor
It still remains

7. So Close To Defeat

Forced to crawl as the failure
Worthless gains they broke me
Fought pain with time and hate
'til my drive crossed my defeat

Hit me with all your strength
So close to defeat
Gotta push, gotta fight
You won't get the best of me

Reactions cut to the kill
Can't make sense of the truth
Determination, my only fuse

Try and take me out the box
I'm the lion and the fox

8. Test My Convictions

Test my convictions
They'll run you through

You know where to find me
Different city to blaze
Bangin' out on the late night
Burn that shit up, live to play

Can't let the blacklash touch me
Bottom feeders two faced
Never will I answer to you
I gave life, you gave nothing

Jealous loud mouths
Half truths, don't say my name
Got to hold my fists back
I can't live my life that way

A back you just can't turn
Can't look me in the eye
So little heart in you
I can't believe you're still alive

9. Hell To Pay

Straight faced, emotionless
I lie, I cheat, I steal
Reckless nights with my own life living in this filth and sin
Rot my insides with bottles and highs
Gonna get what's coming my way
Hell bound, sink down
Wrath of the heavens cast out

Hell to pay
Some sins don't wash away
I hear them calling me

So I sin to cover up my sins
Lost in the sickness, breathe it in
Moral decay I can't escape
No regrets, no shame but there's hell to pay

I hear them calling me
Some sins don't wash away
I've got hell to pay

10. One Step Behind

Relentless, they're forcing in
Now it's over, now it's over
Under pressure, they drop the hammer again
So much closer, so much closer to me

One step behind, one step behind
I've got to cover my tracks

Mindless, so they call on me
They've got me cornered, got me cornered
Empty, so they steal to breathe
Just get it over, get it over

Don't you ever look my way
And don't you say the words I say
Never will you tread on me
You'll always be one step behind of me

One step, one step behind

11. You Can't Break Me

Trapped in aggression with vacant stares
All I am turns to emptiness
For myself and the ones I love
All we can do is run
This void keeps calling me
Life's aim brought me to knees
At times survival cuts so deep
Still I won't face defeat

You can't break me
I won't be beat

Smash myself to see if I can still feel
Pain's the only thing that's ever been real
I'm caught in it and I'm sinking fast
But I know that I will last

Forced down, my back against the wall
Try to break me, I'll answer the call

12. Dibbs And Murs Check In

13. Hardship Belongs To Me

From broken homes and shattered hopes
All the streets are filled with pain
Nothing to live to
The devil sells broken dreams

Rise, fall, crash and I burn
And now I see, hardship, it belongs to me

Living on borrowed time
A minute to pray, and a second to die
Don't get caught between
A man and his enemy

Hardship, it belongs to me
It belongs to me

Now i see myself
Gone at the end of a rope
Damned and unwanted
It's all I know

14. Smash Through You

Face to face with what I must destroy
My own worst enemy crossed out, void
And you think you hate me?
I can take you best
It could never touch
How much I hate myself

Smash through you
Set to explode
I must destroy
I smash through you

Caged inside, I against I
Destined to burn in these desperate times

Promised myself only lies
Burnt bridges, bit the hand that feeds
I've got to find my calm
And smash through all the filth inside of me

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