Poisonblack : Of Rust and Bones

Gothic Metal / Finland
(2010 - Century Media)
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Hope is gone... ashes in the wind
All that was is buried in filth
The shadows grow deeper with each passing hour
The taste of life has turned too sour

I am but ghost in time - time unforgiving
I am the failed design - without a meaning

Can't recall those days of old
Some were stolen, some were sold
They won't ever come back
Pages turned, time after time
Bridges burned and left behind
But my sun still shines black

The rust is spreading, eating the bones
The spirit is lame... the head explodes


Got lost somehow in your piss soaked life
But I'm here for you now
Can you taste it? The flavour of shit in your mouth
It is a vomit a coming

Since I crawled in and made you mine - gave you hate
Your life has been a complete waste of time - each day
I lie and take - you bleed and ache
Can't you see your world revolves around this?
You can't deny it, can't flush me away
I will always be here for you

Got a friend somehow - someone to stab in the back?
To make use of your own ends
Still you fake it? That pearl white sincere smile
I feel how it's draining you


Annoying creature of the night
You're the ever oozing wound that bleeds
Spills into my life
Not a healthy state of mind
A constant pain that keeps on lingering
Praying into my life

With a cleansing fire of hate - purify

So come on try and to be me
where filthy mouths and fingers feed
Then kick you to your downward course
Maybe if you've had a life you'd have
A better clue 'bout mine
Until then keep on wasting yours

With your narrow minded views
you try to make us look like fools again
And you're so cool again
Steal a piece of my time
It makes you feel so alive
In leech's paradise


No interest to breathe
Heart too numb to beat
Too late to resuscitate the living dead
Hasn't slept in days
Drunk, hallucinates
And for a moment everything seems worthwhile

Unplugging from it all
Waiting for the fall to end it all

So frustrated and long gone to a bitter place
He never made it
Painted his yesterdays with songs of suicide
Buried alive
Tired and jaded of the hell he can't erase
They never faded away
Those empty days he never could abide
Buried alive

Feeling less and less
Safe in loneliness
Self esteem drowned in a bottle
Dressed in apathy
Flushed out sanity
The countdown of his days is down to zero

Letting go of it all
Waiting for the fall to end it all


The vultures feasting on my carrion
See if they can pierce through the rust
They think there's nothing to it but
There're too blind to see
I don't need them to tell me who I am... not
I'd do it myself but I just cannot
And they think there's nothing to it but
They're too cold to feel

There is no then only now
I wanna love but don't know how
Fame and fortune - pain and torture
They're the same

I'm only good at destroying braincells
The drunk robot I am
But that ain't nothing, right -
Why's the truth so hard to see
It's wrapped in misery
Then along came you
The one who pierced right through
I thought there's nothing to it but I am too cold to feel
I've got my misery

This misery hates company

You were right all along
I strongly advice you to turn around and go
I know there's nothing to it and nothing's
All that will remain
We are the same



Once there was a man who was made out of glass
A castaway man whom everyone did pass

Don't waste your words on me - I've crossed the line -
I don't care
I'm waiting for that final day to break
That god damned bottle's neck, yeah

Once there was a man who dreamt of six feet high
A castaway man who now just wants to die

Don't waste your love on me - I've changed my mind -
I don't care
A step away from that final day to break
The god damned bottle's neck

Rejoice, the pig is dead
Fell on his knees and blew away his head
Make noise, the pig is dead
Running on empty - no more shit to shed
The shotgun sang
No choice, he's done, he's dead
Down on his knees he blew away his head
Make noise, the pig is dead
Running on empty - No more shit to shed
The shotgun sang


The spiral leads down the drain - nothing is changing
All the struggling in vain...
We just keep on sinking - so low
There's loathing between us
A city dying of thirst
There's a romance between us but it only hurts

Nothing more to be said or done - it's all over now
I'm amazed that we got this far and dodged
The bullet somehow
Time to bury all dreams - bury everything
Time to silence the screams which echo within
All down the drain - I will drown your name and be free

There's nothing left we can do - let's just lay this to rest
Hell knows we've tried to
This is as good as it gets
You said; "I'm at the end of my rope
Honey, I've been hanging for years
Here, at the end of our hope - still no tears

You must've mistaken me for someone
Who gives a shit about you
You - who?
You never should've trusted me for I am a sack of shit
I won't shed a tear for you


You're the pearl in the trashcan of my life
I am the beggar a useless stain in time
Can't you see how I grieve...
What you mean to me?

Let's grow cold together - alone

The rain it beats...
Ripping flesh down to the bone
Leaving me hanging onto you
I pray to keep the beating of this tired heart
Long enough, so I can live this through

You're my world... the bullet in my gun
I am the doubt... black is my sun
Can't you see how I need you to bury me?


There is not much in this life I enjoy anymore
Everything's fading
The black hole within keeps on growing and swallowing all Hell is awaiting
I've floated through years in the shades
Of bloodred and grey
Just hanging on
Now tight is the noose 'round my neck as I yield,
Slip away
Soon I'll be gone

Dying of thirst I am
Dying for thirst I am

Where did I go wrong?
This life's been drowned for far too long
And I know this is the last call
Where did I belong?
This road has strayed for far too long
And I know I'm at the end this is the last song

I've burned every bridge that I've built
So the river runs wild
Everything's fading
I tore down the lives of the loved ones
With razorblade smile
Hell is awaiting
I've floated through yearsin the shades of bloodred and grey
Just hanging on
Now tight is the noose 'round my neck as I yield,
Slip away
Soon I'll be gone

Deny for thirst I can
Rely on thirst I can

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