Orphaned Land : Sentenced - Orphaned Land

Folk Death / Israel
(2005 - Century Media)
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The accusations and the blame,
true or false, they seem the same.
Filthy fingers, rise in rows
and out of shit a flower grows.

I'm amazed,
how damn low people can go only by being themselves.

Those with hearts of ever-frost,
will always know we never lost.
Flame rose high... Not enough to melt the ice.

Tiny minds and virtuous whoes,
a bunch of morons with a cause.
Jesus saves? We will piss upon your graves!

Three wise men came to the north,
on their donkeys they rode forth.
Whining I'd comitted sins,
moaning I'm too everything.

Still amazed,
how a whole trio of men can have only two brain cells.

Those with hearts of ever-frost,
will always know we never lost.
Acid rain: Urine on your flames.


All bridges on fire!
As onward and onward we ride.
The smoke rises higher; higher...
Up the ever-darkening sky.

So quickly everything swirled;
descent of the world.
Now it's all a chaotic ruin.

Burning eerie, sapphire.
The foretoken of closing doom.
Glowing dreadful and dire, dire...
Is the ever-haunting moon.

So sickly everything twirled;
the end of the world.
Now it's all a chaotic ruin.

We came so far, we came so far
so deeply wounded and so scarred
our despair-ridden hearts.

Frail as we are, frail as we are
firmly united we will stand
'til the world falls apart.



"Before eyes that are blind no more
A sight unseen that tears the soul
All we ever loved and known
Into mass graves is what we're shown"

"We see an ocean once was land"
& So they come to understand
This place where man used to be born
Will be man's water throne

"All that was magical, beasutiful,
will be gone"
These measures call for divine intervention
"All the achievements of man,
one will stand all alone"
One the survives the final selection
"The sand in the hourglass,
moves so fast, slow the sand
And nothing that mankind has strived for
will be al in ocean land"

The rain will fall then
Filling the dried land

"Here are we servants three,
flesh and blood
Poor and weak,
hear thou speak of the blood"

It must be a sign
A massage from God's hand


Comque vidisset Deus terran esse corruptam omnis
quippe caro corruperat viam suam super terram
Fac tibi arcam de lignis levigatis mansiunculas
in arca facies et bitumine linies intrinsecus et extrinsecus
...corrupta est autem terra coram Deo...
Et ex cunctis animantibus universe carnis bina indu-
ces in arcam ut vivant tecum...

"Thy servants are we.
our lord who sits up high,
Thy rod and thy staff,
shall comfort and guide our hands"

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