Napalm Death : Utilitarian

Grind Death / United-Kingdom
(2012 - Century Media)
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Compos fucking mentis
Wholesome to a fault

Lose the quirk
Escape a life-sentence
From disfigurement be spared

Errors in the signals
(Off gender)
Errors in the signals

Beside yourself
By the very shadow you cast
Clawing at the vapid pseudo-love
Called 'respect'

Errors in the signals
(No aberrations)
Errors in the signals
(Moral fail-safes)

Couldn't flee much quicker
From the adolescent (in you)
Clawing at the vapid pseudo-love
Called 'respect'

Errors in the signals


Crack a wry smile
For the gravest of fortunes
You illuminate the room
Here - a toast with urine
To empathy

Too far removed
To indulge or divulge
Extend my hand
And your flesh crawls
Touched by asinine mongrels
You're rife with everyday pox

Suspect foreign bodies encroaching
On your space - they obstruct,
You detest, you obstruct,
They detest

Unwashed interferers multiplying
Out of range - They obstruct,
You detest, you obstruct,
They detest

Steady diet of hearsay
Rumour, primed yo up the fervour

Just rife with everyday pox

Ramming home prejudgements into
Every smirking face - air drainer

Everyday Pox


For the common good,
That glare so piercing
It will burn through your back
Reach, re-educate the soul
(Even though this is feigned)
Because you need to be taken to task

Obscure my face
In shadows I'll consolidate
Unmasked, I'd be whipped into shape
In shadows, I'll consolidate

False alarmist
They will brand it on your back
Or maniacal sadist,
When you are barely defence minded
Because you walk right out of step

Obscure my face
Effectively decapitate
Unbowed through
The smear campaign
Effectively decapitate

Effectively, socially,
Protectively decapitated

White-out in the blackout
So everybody's running scared
White-out in the blackout
Rank and file and all upstanding
With selective downplaying
White-out in the blackout

White-out in the blackout
So the oft-duped
Are grossly impaired
White-out in the blackout
Startled, unsettled
Thus curiosity expelled
White-out in the blackout

- I'm surplus to this time
That's well contained
Sullied rat in basement trap
With vital exposé

For your own protection
For the retardation...


Sweeping the void - like sin
Treachery penetrates my skin
Serpent shapes in the depths
Obsolete acts of kindness

The Wolf I feed, in cloaks of decency
The Wolves I feed
Invoke the blessing of peace

Supply lines of the swarm ensuring
Danger and harm
As the first wave diminishes,
Depleted stronghold vanishing

The Wolf I feed in cloaks of decency
The Wolves I feed,
Provoke war-waged capacities

The Wolf I feed, to ward off wildfires
Blind alleys lead,
Violating cease-fire

Domain of the parish
That march in Eden
Corridors of sadness
Embrace the Masses

Truths transcends time beyond
The stones of destiny
Celestial land mines
Of sacred geometry

The Wolf I feed to ward off wildfires
Blind alley freed,
Violating cease-fires

A wake up call,
Traverse the wilderness
Death by design with
Cosmic significance

Immobilized in its path
Bearing the bulk of the burden
Authoritarian trails between
The colony and queen

The Wolf I feed
Outweighed, policed and rationed
The Wolves I feed
Our liberties seized and blackened


Quarantine isn't all it might seem
Drifting so, isn't this just a cinch?
Unhindered - always the option
To flee?

Shielded through happenstance
And cultural decree
Confined as they are
Let us thrive in relativity

Snipe at will, digging deep
By approval you can be

Take a hammer to (stifling)
Traditions - don't treat carefully
Yes, we presume with no exceptions
- Freedom is for free

Quarantined, quarantined
Quarantined, quarantined
Quarantined, quarantined
Quarantined, quarantined

Surge with the mainstream
Temper your ire further afield
Surge with the mainstream
Tune out skulking shadows
Within the democratic,
Autocratic, theocratic

And sleepwalk through every
Damned systemic derivative.
Through every curtailed
Human prerogative

Quarantined, quarantined,
Quarantined, quarantined
Quarantined, quarantined
Quarantined, quarantined


Dubious and murky
What aligns all parties
Strike swifter, stealthier, neater.
Untraced conscience cleaner

But we're armed with an ethic,
So to speak

'Defence' and 'Ordnance'
As commodities
Satiate like food and drink
Prostrate in it
In it to win it

But we're armed with an ethic,
So to speak

Fall on their swords

Pragmatic in dissent
To curb the arms you circulated
Blacklists and short lists
Alternate them on grace and favour
At Barrel's end
There are no convention
We fall on their swords

Die, die, die, die, die


Our lives seem set
On a collision course
A history we cannot change
Or will not change
The years and happiness
Mean everything and nothing
If we cannot fit the final piece
Into the puzzle

We have to strive to push
The boundaries further
We have to strive to push
The boundaries further
Or all our lives are set
On a collision course

The stress is mounting,
We fail to breathe
What was important now
Seems pointless
Perhaps it's time
To flip out world upside down
Embrace our lives
For all that they are worth

We have to broaden
Horizons of understanding
We have to broaden
Horizons of understanding
Or all our lives are set
On a collision course

Death will take us all in the end
Prepare for bitterness
But live it 'til the end

This world I can gladly leave behind

Profoundly naive,
Scrambling lost within
Searching for self-gratification
Anointing obsession
Disarming purity
Fracturing with poetic tragedy

Death will take us all in the end
Prepare for bitterness
But live it 'til the end


Efficiency action
For unprecedented tragedy
Befallen calamities
In the light of what's happening

By orders of magnitude
Polluting our altitude

Thus we drift towards
Unprecedented catastrophes
The coalition of the willing
- Diabolical energy

By orders of magnitude
- Contaminates latitude

Orders of approximation
For geometric means
Generating smoke screens
For our transmuted genes

Pressures mount
On seismic encounters
Omitting man-made elements
Immediate danger to all life forms
Offering a chorus of soothing denial

Power of the essence
A strange psychology
An era of scarce resources
And casualty strategies

The calamity has befallen
Despite heroic efforts
It's growing increasingly grave
Instability continues to reign

Eco-shock - Fills our seas,
Bone disease, Filling our skies
Followed with lies

Singular cancers
Absolute disasters
Ironic tragedy
Dark aspects of chemistry

Contaminate the cradle of civilisation

Divisions of atomic casualties
And bent fuel industries
As horrific situations unfold
It's a nuclear future ten fold


Think tank trials
Thought it out
Think tank trials
Thought it out and drew just blanks

When the simple terms elude me

Think tank trials
Short wavelengths
Static spins my head

When the simple terms elude me

Inquisition has a basic function
I've exhausted
I've overthought
Searcher overwrought in dour
Aimless walls

Dead set against indecision
Sweat the details, still fail
I'll contemplate while logic vacates
The dour, aimless walls

The heaped-up agitation
Of the narcissistic - Brood
Yet I won't entertain the simplistic
Viewpoints flood into every frame
- Brood
Removed over time from seeing
Anything straight

Scrutinize, obsess

Think tank trials
Think tank trials
And drew just blanks


Here goes a breach
Of a piss-weak pact

Upright, On-point,
Staunch subordinate
Blank look, about-face

Trade plaudits neat
And matter-of-fact

Flatter in a charismatic haze
Blank look, about-face
Elective confidante,
Adopted sycophant

Poised to sweep the cynics away
Blank look, about face

Clear the ground!

Clear the ground for a drunken
Power melee

The mob is phased

Clear the ground for a weakening
Sting the tail

The mob drinks in praise
The mob's wit wanes
The mob deflates
The mob's displaced
The mob's contained


Depravity, feral traits
Line drawn in the dirt
Dense unconscious streams,
It seems - line drawn in the dirt
Our inconsistencies
In singling out the human

Line drawn in the dirt

Smack us senseless through a lens
Least for the lesser
Burden's fit for scabrous waifs
Least for the lesser
Let the unsophisticated go unheard.

Least for the lesser

Line drawn in the dirt
Least for the lesser

Sweep back to the recesses
Of furthest thought
Recoil and blank out the atrocities
Meted out

Disembodied, disenfranchised
Introverted understatements.

Relax in the sheltered neutrality
Of furthest thought
As observers we trivialize the
Cruelty meted out

Line drawn in the dirt


An alias, it's how I'm known
A sideshow to a great unknown,
My best side is the furthest!

A nobody
In all my exertions
Eeking out an era

Undermined, Underling
I'm sub-standard without a name

A somebody
I'm since endowed
Clambering across the feeble

Unrivaled, unequaled
Peerless standards
Around my name

Undermined, Underling
Kept behind so you would
thirst for prestige
Unrivaled, unequaled
Selected, refined
Stand and applaud


Analysis paralysis

If you are looking for the guilty ones
We only need to look in a mirror
Facing our reflections
We are scarred - scarred but immune

To our negative impact on others
We scream at the wall
And turn away from the advice
That might make us better men

We scream into the walls
It's analysis paralysis
We hide our heads in the sand
Or run away
It's analysis paralysis

Analysis paralysis

Frowning on the positives
One mans meat
Is another man's poison

Equations and discord
Divide but never unite
Drowning in the negatives
Will we ever see
The wood for the trees?
Hating the truth, denying the hope
It might make us better man

We scream into the walls
It's analysis paralysis
We hide our heads in the sand
Or run away
It's analysis paralysis

Thriving in the disarray
Our bridges burn in tribute
Wash away the ashes and failure
With the tears of understanding

Another epitaph
And an heir to wretchedness


Blank canvas laid invitingly
As if by the (common)
Contrived proxy
Developing: the giant misnomer
Enhance land and then strip

Accelerant on, stragglers wiped off
Opposites repellent

It bottomed out
Scavenge deeper
Featureless stumps
- What reparation!
Modernizing: the giant misnomer
Homogenize and strip again.

Accelerant on, skeptics wiped off
Opposites repellent

Opposites repellent
Right after the enticement
That they are integral
That they'll prevail at the forefront
That they're yielding for
The windfall that never, ever fails

Instead they are ineffectual
Instead they fold to the omnipotent
Instead they forfeit for the windfall that never ever Falls their way

Accelerant on, stragglers wiped off
Accelerant on, skeptics wiped off
Accelerant on, reproach wiped off
Opposites repellent


Vain, shame-faced
Can't reveal the very core
Duress will not
Permit a naked ambition

Cursed naked proposition
Dry retch - verged on

Apoplectic - nail you shut
From prying eyes
Ecstasy could not involve
A naked ambition

Squalid naked proposition
Soured - floored by such indignation

The schism is not anatomical
Nor is it residual
It's a societal ghetto
It's a societal black hole.

Priceless liberties expelled
Swift wrath upon the inward

Hold your gag reflex
Your gag reflex

Oh, promiscuous and proud
While you're prudishly on guard

Gender is a willfully caged beast
Set free, it decimates
The phobic concrete
Gender is a caged beast

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