Napalm Death : Leaders Not Followers - Part 2

Grind Death / United-Kingdom
(2004 - Century Media)
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Time goes by and makes me
Wonder what I'm here for
I'm waiting for a sign or
Someone to open the door

At times my life seems at an error
Without a real purpose
Will I survive problems in my head
And beneath my own surface?

What the hell is going on?
I feel like I'm dead
Is it life around me
Or am I fucked in the head?
I'm tired of hypocrisy
And murder by the state
I'm sick of your stupid lies
You tell us it�s okay

Life seems at an end
Death is on your back
Ronnie and his generals
Just sit back and laugh

Time for you to act now
To make one final stand
There is no alternative
Your life is in your hands

You think that you�re the only one
To solve your problems with a gun
Does it make u feel like a man
To take a life in your hands?

There is no way out
You�ll just have to fight it out
No useless world to save
Nuke threat and no escape


Look what you've done to me
Pushed me down and made me bleed
But I am up again and I'm out to

I'll get you
Face down in the dirt
For what it's worth
Face down in the dirt
Blow by blow

You can't get away
Once I get my hands on you
I know what you've done
And I will make you pay

It's your just desserts
We'll put an end to what you began
We don't wanna die before we live
You're gonna regret that you have provked us
The tables turned and you have to face it
We are the hunter - You are the victim
We know where you are and we'll come get you

Look what you've done to me
Pushed me down and made me bleed
Yes I am up again
Stand my ground till the end

You'll choke on your own teeth


We are now living on the nuclear age
This world once ours is now our deadly cage
We've pushed ourselves so far now there's no turning back
Existence will end at the next nuclear attack

Massive devastation
Mankind has sealed his fate
Massive devastation
No remorse it's now too late

Who'll see heaven who'll feel hell
The decisions ours only time will tell
Our lives are lead by our own decision
We're victims of our own freewill
Ignorant people who try to hide
Keep the truth in the back of their mind
They know their fate but are afraid to face it
Taking their lives for granted They don't want to die

Massive devastation
Mankind has sealed his fate
Massive devastation
No remorse it's now too late

The sky turns black the sun explodes
People are frying on the roads
The earth is burnt to the crust
Bodies are instantly turning to dust

Now is the time the last battles come
The war is over and nobody won
No lives were spared every soul was lost
This is the end it's the final holocaust

Massive devastation
It's total annihilation
Massive devastation
The end of our creation


Is this our way, we cannot turn
Extermination day, this world will burn


God has shoved his son, you drawed him
Now it's time: let's pray Satan's mass

Six, six, six, East against the West
Son of Jackal, atomic force kills the rest


You had your time, so follow him
Your soul is ours, world bursts and breaks

Satan's hordes strive to kill, vultures of steel seed death
No escape, time stands still, feel his deadly breath


See the dead of the sun - christian love in vain
Father killed by son, mother raped in pain

In a world of steel, made from stone
Only death is real - world war . . . III


A school was bombed under an air attack
The children are buried under the ruins

Victims Of A Bombraid
Victims Of A Bombraid

People are working to help the children
But the children are dead under the ruins

Victims Of A Bombraid
Victims Of A Bombraid

The children have no part in the war
But still they are victims


There was a night, that you and I know about,
a night with fright and evil to let out.
There was man named Michael,
whose thoughts were to kill and annoy
since he was a quiet little boy.

Twisted demented slashing,
the shape started smashing,
skulls crushed brains mushed,
the blood starts to rush steel thrushing in,
horrid dying grin,
face carved like a pumpkin on this deadly night of sin.

If he comes by, don't ask why,
don't get in his way you might become prey.
If you want life,
don't meet his butcher knife,
you may be the lucky guy to die.
Don't fuck around, before it's too late,
all you get is a fast rate of fate,
stalking demon will grate your face
unless you run and hide in another state or place.

Halloween - night of pain death and Samhain,
night he came home
If you do take off,
he won't care,
he'll just snuff the next to dare,
but always beware of that deadly thrashing night,
'cause his idea of fun is killing everything in sight.


Government and queen are your only enemies
Donit be fooled by their plastic smiles
War's no fairytale,
guns and bombs aren't fucking toys
They don't wanna know your views of war
They never stop to think about you
War's no fairytale,
guns and bombs aren't fucking toys
They want you kept in the darkness of the realities of war
War's no fairytale,
guns and bombs aren't fucking toys
Meat flung yards apart from bodies
Are typical sights of war
War's no fairytale,
guns and bombs aren't fucking toys


Monkey see
Monkey do
Monkey has low I. Q.

Copycat, conform, contort
For the sake of your comfort
Don't dare ask questions
Just accept - blend in

Bunch of fuckin mindless goons
Listen to the same old tunes
Look at me, call me strange
Haven't got the balls to change

Have no mind of your own
Just another zombie clone
Slave of the majority
No individuality

Dress the same, be accepted
Your true self might be rejected
Afraid to try something new
Afraid of what others think of you


In the will of your own mind
Sacrifice society
And become a better kind

Stand back all you preachers
Stop looking to the skies
We are your Masters
We need no disguise

Your presidential savior,
His bloody pope ar dan
There're still all stinking Vulturies
There're scandalous when they can

Strike your idols down
And wear the Master's crown
We'll curse this evil world
We'll wear this Master's crown

We are your Masters
So set your soul free
Forget your stupid idols
And your blinded eyes will see




Greedy for

Blood paralyzed by power
Decision to die tales of terror
Deep in the corner
Passion to kill
Corpse on the ground mind starts to chill

A man lies in the corner covered with blood
Bloody wounds on his body praying for his god
People pass him by but they say why should we
Care about him he will die today

Riot of violence

Find your own way you must go alone
Kill all next to you they want the throne
The infectious disease the only life
You're scared to death die by the knife

Brutality and mighty wars warriors start to fight
With bombs and guns the troops have come to
Extinguish the light
I'd rather not go wild tonight but i must save myself

On a field littered with corpses was a lonely flower
It reminds the world how it was
But we kicked it away with power


Take your fuckin'cross and stick it up in your arse
Religion is the game of the arseholes
Take out your fuckin'cross and stick it up again
Religion is the game of the arseholes
Suck your own cock you mental priest
Religion is the game of the arseholes
Suck it nun. .






We're not even friends
We don't even talk
My presence isn't
You don't even know me
You spread lies about me
I've heard it before you're
The same old problem
You hang around
You bring everybody down
With your gossip and all
Your rumors
I know your type
I don't go for your type
I'm tired of you
You're the same old problem


Total Eclipse Hides The Earth
The Night Of Doom Has Come
Antichrist Soldiers Are Proclaimed
To Send Souls To The Hell

Catastrophe And Destruction
Mankind Is Slaughtered Without Mercy
Suphul Clouds Are In The Air
Legions Winds Corrose The Universe

The Messiah, Redeemers Of Mankind
Chained In The Valley Of Hades
Crowds Blinded By Evil
Only Death Is Real
Total Destruction
Walls Of Churches
Stained By Blood
Altars Burning In The Flames
The Doom Cries Out For Insanity

The Nuclear War Announces The End Of The World
The Mankind Is Buried And Forgotten
Prophets Foresee The Doom
They Foresee The Triumph Of Your Death


Flesh and blood and splattered guts
Dripping brains and radiation
Everybody's mutilated
Screaming missiles and burning babies

This is just a bed time story to help you through the night
Cause when you wake up tomorrow morning you're gonna have to fight


So they say they'll set me free
If I plead guilty and let it be
But I'm not the one who did their crimes
So why should I keep taking their jives
I'm done playing all their games
And being titled low life names
When I'm innocent and concerned
Of who I am and what I've learned
I'm not the one who did their crimes

There's no justice, there's just us
Blind justice screwed all of us
There's no justice, there's just us
We need justice for all of us


World war
Hate fear and power

Defense plan
Millions of dollars

No one is safe
From the greed
That rules the earth

Save life
Anti-war brigade

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