Massacra : Signs of the Decline

Death Metal / France
(1992 - Century Media / Vertigo Records)
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Reality is more cruel than fiction
It is beyond all imagination

Hate is a reality
And violence a sin
Don`t run in the face of the enemy
Because it comes from within

Don`t pass over it silence
Cause it`s a matter of consciousness

War is a reality
And torture a friend
Our lyrics are pleasant
Compared to the end

Evidence of abominations
Open your eyes
It`s an actual fact
Existence of abominations
Don`t close your eyes
It`s time to react

Indifference is your excuse
And ignorance your refuge

The face of the evidence
Is as sad as your true


Metabolic degenerations
The consequences of manipulation

Monsters were created in the thousands
Born dead creatures that live again

In order to protect all species
Guarded i labs for if and when

Embryos / degeneration
Signs of life / insemination

Preserved in a sanctuary
Sheltered in incubators
Brandnew biotechnology
This embryonic society

Splitting and changing molecules
When it`s over who will be who

Test tubes / d.n.a.
Last survivors / will have to play


The ecological degredations
Are the cause of these genetic mutations

Hybred and deformed species
Are the results of this metamorphosis

Keeping the pure foetuses alive
Is the ultimate solution to survive

Man`s creation


The meaning of words comes from within
The gift of life is death in the end
Infinite enemies and forgotten friends
Experiences is wisdom

A law you cannot bend
From up and above and down below
Religion is money
Just part of the show

Innocence at birth for all that it`s worth
Baptized in corruption
On the road to humanity

Given to Adam this present from Eve
Eternal damnation is the form of a seed

In order to lie you must believe
To be like the others you have to deceive
To steal from another is a brother in need
To give all you`ve got, just to bleed

Written on paper
Etched in stone, histories of life
And futures unknown
Time is your mother

Innocence at birth for all that it`s worth
Baptized in decadence
For total self destruction


Excorcize them from evil
They`re possessed by the devil

Mortify their flesh, save their souls
They must atone for their faults, what is written must be told
Deliver these hereticts, from a life of sin
Court is in session, shall we begin

Save them from eternal damnation
Purify them for the resurrection
They`ve yielded to the tempation of the snake
These evil doers must be burnt at the stake
They`re under the influence of a fallen angel
Cast him out for god`s sake

Mortify their flesh, save their soul`s
Brand them with an iron, until they beg their pardon
Stigmatize their bodies, until they cry for mercy
Torment them forever, in the name of god

Mortify their flesh, pray for their souls
Crush every bone, until all is told
Mortify their flesh, god rest their soul
Spill their blood to gain control

The flesh is weak, and the spirit too
I reign supreme, over millions like you
In the name, and the glory of god
Your serve unto me, drink from my cup


Gang rape victims your suffer from an emotional trauma
Inwardly possessed with panic
Terrorized now you`re neurotically seized with frigth
On the brink of a coma

Overcome with fear
And dread you withdraw into silence
Blank look, you`re soulness, violated innocence
This mental scar is engraved on your memory
The rest of your life will be an endless agony
Living with your scare, it`s a perpetual nightmare
You withdraw into yourself

Traumatic fear
Deep seated fright
Traumatic fear
Rooted phobia

Haunted by fear it was left you a vegetable
Paralysed, terrified, you`re got a mental block
You`re caught in a viscious circle
Prisoner of this state of shock

Living with scare, it`s a perpetual nightmare
And you sink into madness

Overcome with fear and dread you withdraw
Into silence

Blank look, you`re soulness, violeted innocence
This mental scar is engraved on your memory
The rest of your life will be and endless agony

After effect, you`re a prey to hallucinations
And a look of terror is frozen on your face
Obsessed with macabre visions
You`re in a delirium of fear

Traumatic fear
Deep seated frigth
Traumatic fear
Rooted phobia


Feeling no remorse when bombs land on target
You feel the satisfaction of a job well done
Devoid of feeling
You`re a war machine
Devotion to duty, no sense of regret
It`s the result of treatments you`ve undergone

Drafted to this air armada
Because you`re at their beck and call
Filled full of propaganda
They`ve got your mind under control
Brainwashing program

Fire and forget instruction
Conditioned reflex
No human factor
Blind subordination

Dropping a thousand bombs without hesitation
No consideration for the people you kill devoid of feeling
You`re a war machine
They`ve erased your scruples about slaughtering
You obey orders on your own free will

You`ve followed a special training
Molding your sensibility
They`ve broken you, no thinking for yourself
Changing your personality

Mental enslavement
Fire and forget instruction
Conditioned reflex
No human factor
Blind subordination

Now you live the life of an automation
And they obtain your entire submission
Using this program of indoctrination
They`ve neutralized your conscience
You`re a mere shadow of your former self
Unquestioning obedience

It`s their way of appeasing your conscience
Psychological cleaning
You`ve been brainwashed


I want to leave here, before it`s too late
Open my arms and embrace my fate
Rocked in the cradle, and then
Drowned in hell`s lake
When i go the earth will shake

Into the darkness ! i thrust my sword
I curse at you ! almighty lord

I`m the forgotten one, who has no name
The bastard son, who feels no pain
One of four, one of a kind
One of those, lost in time

I`ve taken too much of this, and drank
Too much of that
I`ll vomit it all up, and we`ll all take a bath

I crap on your systems and your faces

The difference form right and the knowledge of wrong
Are the lessons you know, when you`re dead and gone
Feeling of pleasure and feelings of pain
Are the sensations, just part of the game

Into the darkness ! thrust my sword
I come to thee ! almighty lord

Like a switch a blade that knows where to go
I`ll spill your blood, and demand some more


Unceasing deforestation
Atmospheric desintegration
Excessive proliferation
Parastic civilization

Chemical factories, industries of death
Nuclear waste, noxious gas, pesticide
Destruction of the seas, disintegration of the ground
Ecological disaster

Air pollution, slow contamination
And acid rains, corrosive death

The green house effect
And the ozone depletion
Threaten life with extinction

Sign of the times
See the hardbingers of doom
The die is cast
See the digns of the decline

Politicians, governmental assholes
Obsessed by money and by their power
Greediness, reflection of their minds
Stupidity of the human race

Now you see the consequences
Irradiation, malformations, food piosoning
Breathing and skin disease
Multiple cancers, psychological troubles

Day by day
Irreparable for centuries to come
The die is cast
See the signs of the decline

You must pay
Irreversible process
Was it the price of progress


No love, absolute hatred
Civilization in regression

The human race was born to make war
To hate each other
The nature only made one mistake to
Give intelligence to human being

Mutual assured destruction
Civilization in regression

Devasting reign in the cause of god
Kingdome of corruption, madmen in command
People die by torture and pain
Rotting eyes, scorchung flesh, decapitation

I`m under the impression to live an eternal nightmare
The world seems to be in a hopeless situation

Men like fighting and have no fear
Men feel no shame, they`re hunger for power
Distorting truth, religion of the lie
No one trust no one

Mutual assured destruction
Civilization in regression

Absolute rage, racial extermination
See them cry, watch them die

There`s no heaven but just hell called
Planet earth
I hope the end is near
We have to be exterminated
I wish i could do it and them kill myself
That`s the ultimate solution
I just can`t wait for that day


The gathering smell of rotteness
Is cutting through my brain
Slicing up my friends
And then killing the pain
Gathered here together for our final day

Never ending strain
Fighting tooth and nail
Short on munitions
The say "war is hell"

Slaughtered for the objective
In the thick of the battle
Going on an onslaught
In a desperate struggle

Blind suicide, pain and suffering

On the other side
There is no reason why
In this viscious circle
Surely one will die

War cry fix bayonets
In the face of death
No time for regrets
The brunt of the attack

Full frontal assault
Suicidal rampage

Families !
Corpses strewn upon the battle fields
Memories !
An old wound never heals

The gathering smell of rotteness
Is cutting through my brain
Slicing up my friends
And then killing the pain
Gathered here together for our final day

Political corrupts and hypocrites
And fanatical religiousness
Commit us to die for who`s country ?
So who is the real enemy

Puppet`s and leader`s
And pawn`s in the game
Victim`s of the high command
Sacrificed in vain

Full frontal assault
Suicidal rampage

Life is to serious to take seriously
"Greg Conan"

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