Krisiun : Apocalyptic Revelation



Infernal ritual from a black plague
Desecreates my existence for it's curse
Out of flesh and unconscious like a worm
The eyes of horror behold my sacrifice
Raised up from a serpent's stream
At the realm of ancient gods I am reborn
Bearer of mighty wrath-darknest power is conceived
Sworn to deey all in sight death
And rebellion I proclaim

Surrounded by pure damnation
Everything's suffer before me
Shinning effigy of desolation
Suffocates the key of salvation
Violent incantation evokes
Infamous order prevails
Possessed by repulsing command
Let the fatal century begin
Pouring blood from saint's slaughter
As the frosty skies get covered in black

Swallowed in abhorrent dimension
All signs of the holiness turns reversed
Molested promises of pagan decay
Enthroning legions of immortality
Tyrant hatred supreme
I swear I see the scourge of creation

Infernal ritual from a black plague
Desecreates my existence for it's curse
Out of flesh and unconscious like a worm
The eyes of horror behold my sacrifice
Raised up from a serpent's stream
At the realm of ancient gods I am reborn
Bearer of mighty wrath-darknest power is conceived
Sworn to deny all in sight death
And rebellion I proclaim


Living and dying for the bloody truth
Inflicting rebellion in endless conflict
Releasing the fury of the hammers of doom
Immortal attempt for the mass genocide
Irreverence before gods and hopes
Tyrant domain mortifying the cross

Damned scriptures of twisted truth
Mass inheritors of fake beliefs
Following preachers messiahs and gods
Mindless servants of mockery sermons
Doomed faith perpetual demise
Decline of the holy god's empire

We command the under world
Kings of agony and killing
Death bringers unfolding unholy truth
Waging th burning war against
Servants of fallacy
Abolishing once conceived rules
Creating cleanse by spilling blood
Feeding worms with their flesh

Eternal disgrace lies enemies path
Sorrow awaits for the coming messiah
Blasphemies shall be written
In the book of holy trinity
Immense tombs at the bounds of the skies
Filled by flesh hatred and death
Proclaiming the glory of the kingdom of Kutulu

Madness and wrath unholy existence
Breeding the plague nocturnal revence
Whirl winds of doom entomb the earth
Banished saints confined to rupture
As the ancient conjuration
Evokes the eternal night


Come winds and fire
Exalt death in endless flame
Blasting thunder from bloody storm
Grinding flesh thru acid winds
Damned be the mankind empire
Immolated thru eternity
Drowned by the seas of Hell's abomination
Bleeding forth for the tyrant age

Oh gods of infernal war
Strength us with the fury
Let us make the holy preacher bleed
Upon his golden altar
Death and desolation remains
Malevolent spells spawning worms
On the crosses of fallen church

Revealed unknown faith
Leading us away from the false prophecies
For the winds fire and hell
We offer our pain and will
Unholy massacre certain mutilation
Now the earth drink it's blood
Unleashed by the wrath of the ancient ones
Thru the hatred storms of revelation
Excessive pain and desolation

Hallowed winds of death's prevail
Riding throughout a wasted land
Streams of rotten blood and flesh
Turning existence into ashes
Lifeless bodies lies spawned
Apocalyptic victory rising from human decay


Christian descendant sppiled painful
Abhorrent death from immortal sin of lust
Nocturnal pleasures of mother superior
Aborticide inside the temple of holiness
Sacred moribund child-nailed alive seed
Son of the underdog god-impaled to the pit
Impure offering for the damned faith
Saints and crosses occulting the holy morgue

Celebration over the hiding tombs
Praying salvation all pain remains divine
Revealing the truth for it's name
The life has nit conceived
Usurping and betraying for desire
Desecrating the altar of god
New born corpse behind the walls
Innocent souls beyond the light

Pray... Pray... Pray for it's soul
Entangled in darkness
Incessant confessions blessing to the goad
Straight to the void
Slaughtered brood from a christian womb
Carnal wish inflicts blasphemy
Disguised pervert bitch abort in the name of god
On it's knees it never ends
Silent and lifeless beneath the holy ground
Agonizing souls remain




Fire burning unfolding a revelation
As my body melts away in a sacred pyre
Entering soul in the realms of forgotness
Heritage from earth's pain
Infinite blackness in the kingdom of death
Black spirits screaming and driffiting

Burned was my existence
Burned was my body sacrifice
Infamous fire in a weird ritual
Howling winds of dead chant's
Leading the streams of pagan souls
Centuries of endless suffering

Rise rise rise from the deepness
Cursed cursed cursed the unholy return
Reborn from the spell revelation
In the sign of sacred moon
Screams of dead has living again
Defying the whole existence
Drifting among living and dead
Born again in exalting blasphemies

I return to my enemies kill
Condemn them to my wrath
I reveal the truth for the liar
Inflicting plague to their brood
Unfolding extreme suffering
For the ones who once defy me
Cursed be my rebirth
I'm the beginning of their fatal end


Mass flagellation entangled in shadows
Blackest winds blowing horror and death
Carrying the corpse stench
Infesting all earth's plaine
Transgressing all races to execution
Pagan frustation-undead light thru devastation
Mortified will of divine faith
Endure now the ancient wrath of doom

Cursed premonition whiooed angels bleeding fast
Seas of infinite plague-tortured slaves begging forgiveness
Armies of the dead-dripping in the abyss
Warped in shame-betrayed by god
Breath the toxic ashes the end has just began

By the oath of infernal tyrant prophecy
Destroys the sacred offering reveal the secrecy
Apocalyptic existence extinct to oblivion
Constant blindness incessant woe
Blood in the eyes of saint's image
Created evil end bury the holy savior

Rising darkness showing the bounds
To the light and to the diving spirit
Fallen empire left behind
Dead into black lost dimension
Receiving salvation in a pestilent form
Bestial defamation infamous return


From the darkness I arise and order
You to hear me
Follow my command and find your destiny
Your agony is my uncare your sorrow my peace
Make me your master and purify your soul
I'll make you die a thousand times
So you suffer without a break
Let the fear take care of your being

Lord of your chaos
I'm the holocaust of your soul
Lifeless alive you crawl
Whipped until the stake
Victim of my hate
As I celebrate

I'm inside you
I'm the true meaning of your horror
Beg for your death, show me your misery
Your being will be devasted
Your sacrifice will endless
Sanctified you die and burn at
The depeoness


Hell's bluster in your mind
A boundless pain possesses you
Eye gouged out
Worms rises from your eyes
Satan rips out your soul
Satan ruler of your soul

Abomination comes against you
Your rottenness on crosses
True suffer of death
Look inside the demon eyes
Black death leads your way
Spreading death thru the empire

Under the black
Ride forever
Immortality, rises from black

Into the evil's domination
Nothing remains in your corpse
You'll be a ghoul
Deep inside the hell's flame
You'll be born from black

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