In Thy Dreams : Highest Beauty

Melodic Death Black / Sweden
(2001 - Century Media / WAR Music / Soundholic)
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Beyond the feelings of pain
There’s only darkness
Deep inside your soul, pain and weakness

Open the gates to hell
And release the demons of pain

Pain, the cruelest feeling
Suffering, the highest beauty
Death, the silent life
Fear, the tremble waves in your body


A bottomless void, it has to end
Echoes from the past meets those yet undone
We mortals can never hope to understand
Something of infinite world

Staring at the eye of the tornado
Hopelessly lost in its parallel universe

Forever admiring its complexity
Loosing my grip on reality, falling

Infinity, such a beauty
I adore your surrealistic insanity

But somewhere between the clouds of complexity
My melting mind screams for a cure


Haunted by memories
That you once tried to forget
But deep down in back your mind
You know, you feel

In world of hate you search
The only thing you find is pain
You feel an attraction to others
But you don’t know why
You feel yourself lost

Running through the night
Looking for an unholy well
To feast upon the blood of man
And give a sacrifice


The future of our planet
Is now in your arms
A mysterious force has landed
With attempt to claim your soul

Creatures from far away
Bloodthirsty and evil
Mind possession they use
To make a human helpless

Immediate death to the most
A rain of demons appeared
From the spirits forge

Human summon their forces


I can’t control my mind
And the anger inside
Help me to understand
It’s feeling and its cause
My anger and my pain
Breaks me down and I feel ashamed

The anger inside, I can’t control it,
The anger inside, help me out

My hate makes me go on
I have almost lost my beloved
And the feelings I have inside
Will always remain within my heart

The anger inside, I will fight it back
The anger inside, brought me back

How I know the confession of love
And where the hate within comes from


I have no fear, I feel no pain,
I’m all your and your lies
In this world I am the master
And only the strongest will survive

Selfpity human you are
Soul of damnation, born of sin
Reaching for something
That you’ll never find

Take control of your life
Leave the old behind
Break through your chains
And you will feel the same

Never again I’m going into the pit of despair
No more pain, no more fears
Now I am the master, I’m the king


In our cruel hearts hate still lives
every eye can at least see its own sight!
Every ear is listening to its own song!
Every heart full of fear could testify!
Death is a better suggestion!

...The new world is more terrified!


Falling, you feel razor-sharp claws in your back
You’re screaming in happiness
And then in front of your eyes
The sky turns black, only your soul remains

The supreme being has come
He has awakened from his grave
To give sleep for those in pain

He brings death for those who suffer
And sadness for the living
The dead will come to our world
With peace and harmony


Silent screams from the world beyond
Hear the cries from sols in torment
Shadows from past time reminds me
Of what I’ve become, lost in damnation

With my demon voice I call thy name

Eyes burning with hate
I kneel before thee
As the nocturnal spell takes me away
The shadows mourn my death
When I see the world beyond in sight

Slaughtered angels draped in shades
Leaves for an even greater void
Of weeping twilight

As I worship thy blackened soul
Of ancient wrath


Your body is trapped by desire
You’re calling upon your god
The hopeful time is lost
Rage is streaming through your veins
You feel yourself powerful
The pain you had gave away
Anger is growing inside of you
And you feel yourself surrounded

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