Heaven Shall Burn : Deaf to Our Prayers

Metalcore / Germany
(2006 - Century Media)
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Unrelenting, their endeavour to rule lives
Teaching you an artificial truth,
That you will grieve no more,
That you will die no more.
Narrow minded mercenaries,
Slave traders soul collectors

Send a promise of destruction to those who will not kneel
Derision of the upright ones; as fear devours all doubts

But there are so many things I hold beyond their reach
The doom you promised me may come, I'm not afraid
You cannot save me
I am the counterweight.
No need to save me
For I'm the counterweight.

And I will grieve no more,
I will die no more


Blood trickles away in the sand
All hope crushed, perished in the fences of a secure stronghold

We crossed this lost world, so much distress we have seen
The home we left behind, it offered nothing but despair
Under the veil of darkness we marched for endless years
Beyond the silver bright horizon a brave new world exists

Trespassing the shores of your world,
Piles of dead bodies at the walls of Fortress Europe
Cast a shadow on your paradise
Oblivion and apathy will keep you warm

A continent beyond recovery
Like dark invaders they receive us
A gaping wound in the flesh of this earth;
A bleeding they refused to staunch


Loosing touch with reality
In your world of plenty it's easy to preach love
Holier than thou, your order that shall rule
Yet, at the walls of your cathedrals poor sinners starve to death

Ungodly wastefulness and petrified profanity
Materialized in golden temples
Within the walls of Babylon profane believers
Follow their fateful leaders

This world is up in arms
The time has come to bid farewell
A true belief will rule
Our true belief will rule

A pure commitment will blow away an unreal constitution


Consistent, pushing aside all disbelief;
Abandon my friends, my home
Losing my mother tongue
But I will bear this heavy loss

Former brothers calling me betrayer
And burned the words we wrote
I will overcome
Solaced by this certainty this delusion will fade

Our words of reason, lost in the roar of the cadence
The beacon of humanity, beclouded by their cold, black sun
In the scattered light of all your torches his rotten face
Seems like a savior's smile to you

An army of lost sons still hidden in the dark
A voice of an enslaved nation
A force of banished daughters
We have to stay the course!
Consistent, without anguish!

We may sow the seeds of upheaval just from the outside;
But with burning hearts we shall recur


This is the call to arms, the final call
Exchanged the shuttle for the sword
For generations we slaved away in the shadows of their towers

The world we know, a torture-chamber
Born as servants, exploited till death

To their machines we're marching with Captain Ludd in mind
The final march begins, down with all the kings
The shroud we weave completed
The air we breath is not the stench of slavery
Down with the king!
Down with all Kings!

Winter-withered bodies,
Souls sunken into misery
Our minds and future as black as our masters' hearts
Now we engage the enemy; the web we weave completed

Cant wait for god to judge these monsters
A religion that just mocks us and justifies this misery

6. ...OF NO AVAIL...

The prayers we sent, of no avail

No fear of death will walk among us
Almost too limb to throw the stones
Marching into darkness,
Bowed down with grief
And marked by enslavement

All the prayers we sent of no avail
They went unheard
Of no avail, the lives we gave

Our weakened legs and tattered shoes
Will cause no sound on icy streets
Almost too weak to cry out the spell
His servants won't slow down our steps
Blood red will be those streets
And burning castles will leave

Cursed be the god who was deaf to our prayers!!!
Cursed be the god who was deaf to us!!!

As we died in freedom their machines broke down for a day.


An insurrection of the lost
With courage born from despair
An end for the years of anguish;
A battle in the heart of this nation

Uprising of the lost;
In the abyss between the worlds
They all averted their eyes
A home behind the enemies lines

They raped and burned our fatherland
We know that nothing shall remain; there's no tomorrow,
We'll bring it to an end; there's no tomorrow.

Uprising of the lost; the world averted it's eyes

Our souls scorched with our homes
But fitful we hold our ground

Ragged figures but brothers and sisters we are;
Through fields of debris we crawl

Red vultures awaiting our end
A home behind the enemies lines


Are you still the one
I used to know?
Where is the fire in your eyes?
Do you remember all the things we used to share?
Your strong words gave hope to me so many times
But now there's only silence when we meet

These are the darkest of your days, where are your thousand friends?
And who will guide you through the nights as all the lights went out?

In the darkness of your room, the only time that you feel free
The solidarity you feel is only solitude you share
Solitude you share!

This is where they want to be
Washing all your thoughts and passion

The solidarity you feel is only solitude you share
Your strong words gave hope to me so many times
But now there's only silence when we meet


An overbearing dogma in disguise
Superstition displacing all reality
Debasing mother nature and dreaming of intelligent design

Let sanity prevail!

Adulterated doctrine,
So abstruse,
Beyond all reason
And apart from any evidence

Let sanity prevail!
Defending Darwin's throne

Idolizing supreme forces while trampling down creation
Unable to accept their unimportance, insignificance
Their insignificance

Prospecting vindication for existing misery
Scorn this indoctrination,
Pressed on by a profane confraternity
Shame for the summit of creation

Let sanity prevail!
Defending Darwin's throne
Where blind belief and science meet we're defending Darwin's throne


How many times
Can they bend your will until you break and die inside
Is there still a heartfelt discomfort in you?
Deep down inside to live these lies

Addicted to goodwill
And grace donated from your master's hand

On bleeding knees you're waiting for the answers
(with gazing eyes you're hoping for a sign)
Annihilation of your spirits
Dreams die in silence and piece by piece you go with them
Forsaken, unseen. Forsaken and unseen!

Always accepting the inevitable
Won't make you find your peace
There is no substitute for your lost dignity
No one shall ever poison the worlds in you,
The treasures in your heart

At the end of life there's only black and white


False prophets rule your life!

The whole world absorbed by the darkness in your heart
Only flames of sorrow light your way through the night
Your hands will never touch his face

False prophets rule your life!

As you poison the river of life, erasing the greatest gift of god
All you need is yourself

False prophets rule your life!

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