Cyhiriaeth : Lands of Ancient Cult

Folk black / Spain
(2006 - Blood Fire Death Productions)
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Mother! Surround us with your darkness
Because we didn't know how to value your kind light,
Let your whispers be accompanied by the trees' dances.
Hold us, accompany us in this slow death,
You who gave us life, give us now death...

In the eternal night,
Frost winds attack our inert bodies,
The wolves howl from the mountains
Possesed by the Bloody Moon.

Finally, Mother, you have given a fair solution,
So your fields will bloom again
And your rives will flow again with their purity, your valleys...
Bring us eternal torment,
Seduce us with your winter whispers
So Life and Death fill your being
And shall our blood and entrails,
Our laments and tears
Be our offering and glorify you forever...

...The Moon presides the sky in the eternal night.

In the eternal night,
Frost winds attack our inert bodies,
The wolves howl from the mountains
Possesed by the Bloody Moon.


There, where it's said that the Sun dies
Its woods were deep,
The ravens flew over you,
Land of brave warriors.

Here, where honour laws ruled
Dark Cult to Mother Earth
And the mountains were sacred,
Land of glorious past.

Iberia, that's why we'll take revenge,
For the blood of our pagan ancestors.

Iberia, that's why we honour you
With our dark pagan howls.

Now where we raise our swords
Death doesn't mind
As bloody hordes will fight,
Land of brave warriors.

We'll devastate everything that has stained you,
Ashes will purify you, land of glorious past.

Iberia, that's why we'll take revenge,
For the blood of our pagan ancestors.

Iberia, that's why we honour you
With our dark pagan howls.

That will be the end of the christian dominion,
Our land will be illuminated by their burning churches,
The wolf will defeat the lamb.


The Sun appears in the horizon,
The raven bless us from the sacred oaks,
Lug is with us, in a day as today.
With the first rays of light
Our axes and swords shine.
Soon we will start to sing old battle chants
That appeal to Honour and Death on battle
And the luras howled as if they came from the Underworld
While the spirit of the sacred animals possessed us.

We fought as brave warriors
That's why we received our reward,
Because we fought for our things, for our land,
That's why Teutates has revived us
Sinking us in the renewing cauldron.

Now is me who encourage you to march prideful,
Fight with no care about death
Because we felt that mourning
But we have returned
To keep honouring our kind,
To keep the pagan pride...
Heathen Iberia!!!!!


Warriors of Teutates drink the mead before the great battle,
The entrails of the sacrificed ones prophesy a bloody fight.
The Sun appeared, dying with blood the arch of Heaven,
Taranis, with a winterstorm had blessed us at Night,
The werewolves of Lug.

Going to the battlefields
They started to knock their shields
With their swords,
The horns made the ground trembles
With great loudness.

Battle cries soon started,
They sang about victory
And about the death on the battlefield,
They sang about the way to the Other Side
When their bodies were devoured
By vultures and ravens.
They sang about their gathering with the Gods,
Werewolves of Lug!


The agonic voices
Of spirits without destiny
Emerge from darkness,
Frozen winds travel through the trees
With the penetrating odour of death.
From dark fountains emanates
A mixture of sacred water and blood
Covering the black earth.

Human heads are pilled up
Betwixt the trees' roots
Covered with the blood of the sacrifices.
Still the sinister chants can be heard,
Praising the gods,
Chants offering the blood and the life
Of the sacrificed.

No one dares to penetrate the dark Nemeton
Where the leafy oaks let no light to penetrate,
The dwelling of the gods honoured with blood.

No one dares to get close to the sinister stone altar
Where rest the skulls of the sacrificed.
No one dares to enter in the pagan forest
Haunted by wolves and ravens.

Guarded by Kernunnos, god of Life and Death,
Taranis, yours is the blood of the beheaded and the burned,
Esus, yours is the blood of the hanged in the great tree,
Teutates, yours is the blood of the drowned...




Let's return to the courseless dances
During fullmoon Nights.
Let's draw again endless spirals
During the union of both worlds.

The Khaos that fills the sky,
Leaded by the Infernal Gods
The destruction of the christian values.
Let the black night surround us with its cold.
We shall come into the woods
Singing chants, chants that are a sing of End.

Enobolicus, Lord of the Underworld.
Enobolicus, spirit Leader to Hell.
Enobolicus, bring your dominions to our world,
Bring the dominions of infernal gods.


I wake up and see what we are turning to...
Where are the sons of the brave ones?
Where is the offspring of this land?

Many of them died fighting against the Usurpers,
The rest of them turned weak and obedient,
Their blood has been betrayed
By the memory of their own sons.

But we take our weapons and march to battle.
We, the last of the brave warriors.
We, the summoners of the Ancient Spirit.

No doubt in our minds,
The light in our hearts guides us,
Our land is again the battlefield,
This time shall be no mercy.

Few, we stand pride
Knowing that our kind is watching us
From above with the dark ravens,
From below in the soil we fight for...


The unpleasant night arrived after the Sun's death,
The great druid began the ritual sacrifice,
Forgotten rites after the christian invansion,
Recovered by blood and war.

The prophecy predicted the arrival of god's death,
The end of the Cosmic Order.

Blood rivers will be born from the old mountains,
Ancient cults will reign over mankind
In search of perishable tranquillity.

The woods will remain in darkness
Consecrated by blood and skulls of the sacrificed ones,
In those forest the stone altar will be honoured
By human bones, wild bear fangs and animal skeletons...

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