Caliban : Shadow Hearts

Metalcore / Germany
(2003 - Lifeforce Records / Prosthetic Records)
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A glance back, a glance into the now
Tears sweeten the day, but the aftertaste is bitter
Where are the good old times, where is my dependence - bullet!
In your presence my memories swallow me
Moment for moment you throw me back
A new way, the same paths, old fears
I'm the tool of my demons,
They hide the depths of my soul, in darkness
(I'm not ready for this way, to open up, to give - blade!)
Let me go before I end, lonely.
I cannot be what I am
Fill me with new hope.


Walls collapse onto me, I ride the storm of rage
A mistake became a chain - reaction and the reflection falls upon me
It's time for change, understanding and faith are what friends are about,
But on every corner disappointment (is waiting, every wall would have understood me better), I am cold.
I stand alone and all that remains is the hope for help,
The anger is strong and threatens to destroy me,
Because what was will never be again,
Too much has happened and the mind becomes dull,
It is the tragedy of time, a sea of tears for grief,
But from the shadows of my tears, of my past,
You come and give me your hand, tame my anger
My tears fade and together we fight as friend
Together we fight as friend for (the) time.


Every day, I see your face
Every day, I die
Every day, I feel your breath
Every day, I'm born again
You give me joy, but my thanks, are just pain, are just pain
And out of fear I pull myself loose again

I die for you (x4)
I Dieeeeee

You are everything, I need what I desire
Every day, I see your face
Every day, I die
Every day, I feel your breath
Every day, I'm born again
You give me joy, but my thanks, are just pain, are just pain

You are everything I need, what I desire, but will I ever understand?
come on!
I die for you (x2)
I die!

Please forgive my faults,
Maybe one day I will realize what you mean (to me),
I hope it won't be too late

Every time I cry,
I feel your lies
Every time I die,
I see your eyes.

Every time I cry,
I feel your lies
Every time I die,
I see your eyes.


Oh dark night, in silence broken ban,
Shackles of fear, I lie there, flat and merely
The valley lies deep, staggering in the past, shadows
Hide danger and feed me in the coldness,
I don't see myself,
Don't look at me,
You would burn
As my house lies empty and
I float against the time,
Come here, come in,
Burn for my soul.


I travelled across the edges of my soul,
And it doesn't seem any better when I cross the border
The world falls to piece but every Sunset is the rebirth of a new experience.
I often felt this sorrow, I often stand alone,
Dipping and diving to see the bottom but where are the
lines that divine...
Confidential sins have already taken my so called freedom
And every choice I made framed my so called future.
I'm no longer care about the way I gone,
Burning like a fire to smother in the end,
Wasting time while I'm expecting death.


Come on, tell me who you really are
Stop with your lies, I've looked behind the mask and now your time is over
Day by day deceived, you blind my senses
You have never been a friend,
Without scruples you've driven me to the point I am standing at now
I jump "somersault backwards" and push you into the depth that you've created yourself
Now bear your own consequences,
Feel the sorrow that you have imposed upon me,
Feel the pain and scream from the abyss of your malice,
Nobody will help you,
Who sows hate shall harvest pain.


Look into the wide, wild liberty
Look well, it's reality
Close your eyes and turn loose,
All burden is impulse
Drop the anger, the hate you cherish
Turn loose, cry on me, let go, let all go
I hold your hand and lead you
We're melt together, becoming one
And we get the power to cry,
Scoop for your life, cry, detect your liberty
Fight for your freedom,
Freedom is life, burn down your walls.


A new day, a new struggle, blank walls scream narrowness
But I'm my own prison, go, run rush into the woods
The vast unknown spurs on my will to fight the energy,
The magic of silence and I am immortal
My eyes become heavy, the mind porous fire in the convergence
An inner force calls out my name and says,
Everything is gone, everything is done,
The voice sounds familiar, but my body is captured in fear
And the light leaves my way, fear is hiding in the shadows,
But I am the force and I light my fire,
The demon shall burn, the fire is my witness
A final scream, a final tear and I am free.


Deeply hidden in the deepest wood
Black is the night
The owls are singing between the worlds
The circle closes, the cycle of fire opens it's doors
The guard between the shadows searches for fear
(To broken souls he reaches out his hand and leads the
way into the night)
Fire walk with me...
Pain shouts you down
You've split and I spit on you
(Call my name and I'll catch you
Carry my ring and) I will kill you.


I feel breathe, live alone with my love,
I gave it to you, I should have known,
Reality will never be a dream!
In my dreams I walk around,
In the darkness of my ashes,
Always following your light,
I feel no fear, cause your fire gives me safety
My fire burns deep and ardent,
But I radiate just coldness and hopeless
Helplessness, awkward,
Naive like a child
Everyday I fell reality, the reflection of the wide void
I don't want to live, just want dream!
(My fire burns deep and ardent)
Come on and play with me.

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