Burning Skies : Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption

Deathcore / United-Kingdom
(2008 - Lifeforce Records)
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Warhate, caped in the shit from the wounds of the dead
Believing in what we're fed
It Can't be this way
Bullshit gets soaked in everyday
In the minds of the weak and the eyes of the afraid
We all get buggered by disgrace
Take Disgrace and fuck yourself
Fuck yourself in the face with it or wherever it hurts most
Then maybe You'll see the truth that life is a war scene
Painted by the fingers of the cowardice bastards
Paint these scenes
Use the blood, shit and cum of the people that bug you
Relieve all the stress and tension that owns you
Why not use the hand of a dead child's remains
You couldn't be anymore shamed
Tired of the lies
Tired of the false accusations that are upheld by all the fucks
Way up the chain
Die coward scum
They won't take the blame
We know who is responsible for the shit we deal with
Nothing but false hope


Stop one second and maybe we can think things through
For a moment and do what we're supposed to do
Everything will be OK
Get up off your ass and kill all the scummy fuckers
That are wandering like corpses
Living out their day to day, doing what they do
Stealing, mugging, anything that's wrong
Lets rape these mother fuckers of all they have left
Scumbag Annihilation
Castrate these fuckers right
Put their necks in the noose
Hang the scum out to dry
Take a moment, and picture and keep for memories
Store in your mind
These death scenes are fucking bliss
I can't think of anything greater than watching scum die
You don't have to die to be in hell
All i think of is murder
Murdering people who can't seem to learn
To respect what they've been born into
I just want to watch these people suffer for the shit they cause
You don't have to die to be in hell
Hell is what we live in

3. Y.G.F.F.

Stupid humans with their fake beliefs
Believing something that was made up years ago
Forcing social regression
Pushed onto the young while they're still sponges
A disgusting practice
Upheld by the church that preach to the sheep of god
Whilst others pay with their lives
Evil, no regrets
Pray on the hope for perfection
Deceitful cunts give misdirection
Fist fuck those pedophiles that hide behind a veil of trust
Fucking hypocrites die
Fucking hypocrites hoarding Nazi gold
Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption
To create pain, death, false hope for glory
Beat to death for your false god
Dare to live
I'll send you to your god
The only way this world will ever be rid of all pointless hatred
Is to end religion in all it's forms and cheap disguises
Believe in something that was made up years ago
Forcing social regression
Fuck your gods


What the hell is happening
The shit surrounds the fucked up things
The scum that lay just scattering like landfill sites
They're festering
Stinking out the possibilities of ever listening
Things cant always be the same and yes
there's always room for change
But don't follow some shitty craze
That may seem cool because it pays
You will look back and regret
The fact you look so fucking wet
I refuse to accept the way this shit has gone
they seem to be breeding daily
These scenes are all so wrong
Its all about money gained
Money spent on some pathetic products
To try to be as fake as possible
Please just die and get out of my way
Get out of my way you stupid pansies
And never return
I hope you all get slaughtered and never reborn
Rounding up the cattle
Die you wastes of space and leave things the way they were
You're all as camp as a row of pink tents
And will get what you deserve


Self abuse, where is this leading
Keep it up, abuse those feelings
First dying inside
So die inside
Inject that fix daily and keep walking that path
Look forward to where you're going
Today may be your last
Day of living
Its annoying you could be so weak
You had the choice to live your life
But death was what you sought
Betrayed all those around you once again
Too out of it to see through
What a shame
Why did you ever choose that path
Wrong turn
Abuse to confuse
What ever led you down the wrong path
What ever crushed your will
You cut the life out of someone else
What possessed you
How can you justify this
Self abuse, where's this leading
Inject that fix daily
First dying inside
Today may be your last
Abuse to confuse


To be the man who has to beat the man
I will destroy everything you care about
I'll be the one to get rid of you
Be the person who will take away your life
Put an end to your pathetic existence
And slice the throats of the people of your kind
You will suffer all this time all you've cared about is being tough
And everyone is out to piss you off
But that's not the case you skanky little cunt
Why cant you focus on whats really taking place
Get a clue Read the signs
They're as clear as death
Cause torment Case pain
To those you consider to be weak than yourself
I cant wait to see the day when you're boiled alive in piss
So your family can see you fucking suffer
Death be your release
Now you can watch from hell as i kill your family
Social predator
To be the man who has to beat the man


Spat out and stamped on
Always out there preaching shit
Let these thoughts rule your lives
Change your minds
Get some common sense you retards
Ill always disagree with everything you spill from your mouths
Get some fucking sense you retards
Keep it to yourselves
Its fun to wind all of you pricks up and see you pissed off
I'm fuelled by the fact that you cunts can be like this
I once thought that things would change
But I'm glad you stayed the same
Self righteous arrogance
I bet you were all raped at birth by the ones that so say loved you
I laugh in your face
Preaching shit all the time
Let these thoughts rule your lives
Change your minds all the time
Expect me to change mine
Spat out and stamped on
The words you fucking spit are worthless
I'll smash your face and gut you retards




It's all clear everyone's a cunt
When they can be, should be whenever they want
Lets not fret, theres always gonna be somebody
Who will hate you just because they can
Don't just fall, crack or even give a fuck
Just concentrate on what hurts them back
When they're in your sights
Don't turn away make sure they're
Slashed, thrashed and F.U.B.A.R
Give some thought to the fact that if they mess with you
You mess with them back
Give no slack to the weak
Pathetic dirt on the ground on which we walk
No one should have the right to hurt someone for no reason
Pick yourself up, its thrashin' season
Slashed, thrashed, F.U.B.A.R
Grind the bastards down
Crush their skulls with hate
Render limb from limb
Grind the bastards down
Don't give them reason
Just give the reason to dread
Its thrashin' season lets grind them down
Fucking dead grind all the bastards down


Delusional, a walking nightmare wielding an axe
He preys on all scene idiots
Sure in his actions and his cause
Demented butcher, kills without remorse
Evacuate the fashion scene or suffer
At the the hands of the death angel
You fuckers never learn, its been years
And its getting worse
Now its time to end this fucking trend
You'll sleep in a grave when he sees you at the mirror
The chicks wont like your face when its axed beyond belief
You fucking bitches, hes here for real
This time its not personal
Just all you fucks should die
Death approaches with malice boiling over
Try to escape, your scene cant run for cover
Death angel personified


Sticky Richard
Made in this life to comfort us
Built with two hands
in sticky we trust
Stone up all of us
So relaxing i cant let go of the time we share
There when we need you, you'll never let us down
No, don't really care if anyone resents you
I will be there to smoke you up
And if i need your help, Henry's here to save my ass
Sativa, so relaxing
Moonshine buds bust my eggplant
Mike, smokes up all the buds
Freightrain smokes up too
Flores, sticky is for you
Skin up, light that fucking bitch
Sticky Richard is the shit
Patwah baton chugs bong
Sticky's ours, now all can share him too
Turn those frowns upside down
Sticky dick
Don't look glum, come burn some
Fry your nurch
Sticky Richard born and bred in the hearts of those
Who want their eyes red
Play some metal, smoke some green
No weak shit in between
Turn those frowns upside down
Sticky's here

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