Behemoth (PL) : Demigod

Las palabras


Come forth!
From the void beyond the stars
From the blackened shores Thee arrive
Thou art ov gods
Yet supreme above them all
Thou art mocked and blessed

Speak ov me not as one
Speak ov me not as none
Speak ov me not at all
For I am continual

Crowned and conquering child
Cast aside the prophets and false gods ov Thy ways
From the outer space
When Tonual cross Nagual
Beyond becoming, Thou hast become...


Let me reign as a god among slaves!

Spirit clad in gold
Seraphs incarnate
Shake loose the shackles ov a million years
Children ov Seth
Blast wide the portals
Unveil the raptures
Ov Thy kingdom


let me reign as a god among slaves!

Io Khepesh!
Io Nubti!
Io Akhakh!
Io Simai!


Behold! children ov Cain
All beings not ov reptilian form
Be upon them!
Spare none! mercy cast aside!
Those who feareth not my sacred blade
Shall be blessed

Repent not!
Thou art man
God is no more
Rise now above the weakness ov flesh
Come forth! join ye the arsenals ov blasphemy
Follow the One
Who spurred Roman warring legions

Rise up! o power from sea below all seas
Sirius! Draconis!
Awake from everlasting dream!
Spirits ov abomination
Formless Thou hath appeared before me
I am before all things

Chthonic gods! those from beyond the stars
Commander ov hosts devour the flesh ov man
May their weapons melt like wax
May their tongues be torn apart
May Apophis grind their bones
May their ashes be scattered all around...

Hear me! o vermin!
How couldst Thou fall so low?
Redemption thru denial
Restriction becomes a sin
Mankind! so pure...
Castrate Thy impotent god
Vomit forth the blasphemy
And forever shalt Thee win


Mightiest Self!
Cast out ov Thy Elysium
With blood ov nazarene
I write the story ov man
2000 years is nothing
Thought it has been enough
come forth victorious
Muting the foul angelic choirs!

None ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me
None ov thy weak brothers, shalt ever share my blood
My awareness, catalyst, ov godhate I have spawned
In sinister ecstasy eternally I decompose

Race ov man!
The errors ov a wise make The rules
Ye shall see
Rather than the perfection ov the fool
The most divine!
I am many! among so very few
Beyond redemption, beyond the weak
Thus I beheld the truth!


I am the pure flame that burns
I am (ever shining) Sirius son
I am the infinite space
I am the most conquering One


I'm burning like a fucking fire
Mysterious Domain, Murdered Apprehension
Shemyaza, Lacifarus - glow like the Sun
In this final hour
Ov Dawn ov the Dusk
I, heart ov all chthonic hearts
Vulture eye, fallen one, proclaim:

This great world
Is a mirror ov my small self:
Striving for infinity, shall I remain?

We cannot kill the time:
It is the time that kills us
And I'm the answer on my questions
And blood ov my hopes and all prayers -
Mark the sunset, the last judgment -
And my rainment... -
this is the night, just black damn'd night

As dethroned so enthroned, attracted... rejected...
In this totality is perfection ov Me in Thee
Freedom ov Nature, delight ov Existence
So intoxicate me as I intoxicateth thee
Slay me as I created thee
When reality is nothing more
Than quantum vortex deep sleep
Make it lucid dream
Or hallucinate if you please
In exaltations ov All, One, None
There Is No Difference
We are the First and we are the Last
Io Pan!


Eternally Thy powers rage within
I am reborn
In the burning flames ov Sodom
By the powers ov the gods
Awaken the mighty Will
that shalt carry me through eternities
Faceless One!
Avenge my torment
Materialise my utmost Will
Beyond all legends and myths
Thou art the emmissary ov the beast
Thwart the realm above
spawning might below

"Give us the flesh"!
"Give us the will" I command!
Dumuzi Lord
Godhead immaculate!
Thou art the sun
Toward the light feel no shame
Ia Asag!
Forever Thou shalt remain

In victory I burn
Masacrate the enemy
In battle that I hath already won
Thee I invoke
Brothers ov Ariman's seed
Thou hast aroused all beings in me
Come All in One
Stronger than death Thou hast become
Revert my death
Hail to my return
Tis time to reign as a god among man


O resplendant flame
Begotten ov beyond
May I coruscate eternally
Gods ov all perfection
I command - come forth!
In company ov Ur
All doubts and fears eclipsed


Before the beginning of years
there came to the making of man
Time, with a gift of tears
Grief, with a glass that ran

Pleasure, with pain for leaven
Summer, with flowers that fell
Rememberance fallen from heaven
And madness risen from hell

Strength without hands to smite
Love that endures for a breath
Night the shadow of light
And life the shadow of death

And the high gods took in hand
Fire and the falling of tears
And a measure of sliding sand
From under the feet of the years

And froth and drift of the sea
And dust of the laboring earth
And bodies of things to be
In the houses of death and of birth

And wrought with weeping and laughter
And fashioned with loathing and love
With life before and after
And death beneath and above


Sounds ov the night
Are born from the stillness
Censer scent ov the sun
Attracts the memories
Dark shades - eyes
Moths - green pupils
Burning echo ov your words
In the heart ov possibility
In extra-real surroundings
There are my passions:
Simplicity ov stars
Royal Art
Alkhemy ov Soul, Body, Word
And I transport
Spell ov self-love I weave
And I scream
In the fumes ov antiquity
Divine past
In solar room
Filled with midnight hour
And midday power
Inevitable, immovable
With names witch are Many
With secret meaning:
Koγζ Oμ Pαζ ON Mευω

And I think, feel, and love
We vibrate light
Radiate life
On the path to City ov the Sun
Angel calls out:
In mysterium coniunctionis deus est homo
And I understand the Burden
Ov this journey:
I know, I will
I dare, and keep silence

8. XUL

The son ov morn
What made me so divine?
I, transcending ecstasy through ecstasy
I who am eternally defined by my Will

Behold I am the spawn ov downcast Ariman
Awakened, yet am no longer human
Kindle me to Thy rapture
As I descend into Sheol

Hiva! hear my call!
Transform my flesh into flame
Hiya! hear my cry!
sustain my being in million-fold forms

Our creed: the living flesh
Our law: trespass all the laws
Since Nuit is our refuge
And Hadit becomes our light

All stirs within
Tis chaos in and above me
In the world ov nether-nether
"I" infinite space is all-consuming

Behold! I am unending!
The conciousness ov "I" shines universally
Unbound by wretched dogma
I spew my will forth!
Hell is democracy!

All things exist in me
I believe in naught save myself
My sermon steadfast and proud:
There is nothing but god in me!

All things stir in me
With joy and suffering
My sermon steadfast and proud:
There is nothing but god in me!


Father ov Terror!
Aba ol-Hol
Enter the pylon
Thru' the galleys ov past
Catacombs ov night
Into the starry womb

Slay, slay!
Asar un-Nefer
We have no fear
Our time had come
Our will is done

Dance, dance!
O Mighty One
In the fields ov Aqert
And spit
Upon slaves ov death

War God!
Trample all weakness
This is your day ov pride
Draw Thy flaming sword
Cut the umbilical cord
To set me free from eternal sleep

...Step by step
Khem: evolution: spiral vibration
Can you hear?
Can you touch?
Can you see?
Can you really see?

We charm all jins -
Automata, inprinted realities
They creep like snakes
And all we feel
Is painful bliss
As we burn forth
Like winged globe
Like solar disk...
...And penetrate eternity

Slaves shall serve!


[Chapter I: The Forbidden Legacy ov a Fallen Race]


[Chapter II: Invocation ov the Watch Gods]

O Mighty Watcher!
Thou art all and all art in Thee
Free me from mortals
Intoxicate with Thy self love
O Mighty Sentinel!
Thou art the concious one
Break the monotony ov existence
That I may illuminate!

Uncrowned in Tarterean Sulphur
Elder than the Memphian kings
Thy reign so timeless and infinite
Ever silent watchers, whom mankind yet aches to embrace
Grand me Thy Promethean rays
Blacker than light...
Cunquering lion-headed god
By the name ov Legion dost Thou arrive

Thou hast seen the prophets in the desert
Thou hast bled for the fallen idols from beyond
Prevailing stregth hath made Thee greater
Than the god...
From amongst the million dead angels army
Azazel, begotten not ov human race
Honour the divinity vision ov victorious sun
Open wide your glimmering eyes
Bathe in divinity ov loneliness
Empowered in self creation
Shine inward!
Shemyaza! the profoundest one
Spread Thy wings
The desolate one
Thy disease untamed within the sinister self...

O Mighty Watcher!
Thou art all and all art in Thee
Free me from mortals
Intoxicate with Thy self love
O Mighty Sentinel!
Thou art the concious one
Break the monotony ov existence
That I may illuminate!

[Chapter III: The Splendorous Return]

Beyond all cowardness!
Hast Thou no fear?
Spit out the blasphemy!
Strive unto sin...

Seduce Thyself
O mighty seer!
The ancient voyager
Blind me with light

The sleepless ones
In aimless andering
Thou must first fall
To reign in blasphemy...

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