Asphyx : Last One on Earth

Death Metal / Netherlands
(1992 - Century Media)
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Her name it means power
Her silhouette brings fear
No mercy for the dreadnaught
When the sight at sea is clear
She's defying every dancer
Through mist, ice and snow
Dominates the oceans
And its depths below

She spreads terror and death
When her cannons spit lead
She the ruler at sea
Gladiator of steel

In a dark and misty night
She went for open sea
Slipping through the allied maze
Whose radar couldn't see
With the home flee on her tail
And in the demonstration
She sank the hood and the prince of waves

Steaming on with dignity
Continuing her mission
Enjoying every victory
Reloading the cannons

Solem iron majesty
Goddess of destruction
With her banners high
To the last confrontation

Seventy-one torpedos
Couldn't sank the battleship
The bismarck become
Ruderless because of one lucky hit

She was to proud to bow
Sunken by her own crew
Now the glory lives on
Gladiator of steel


Perniciow existence
Corrupt and deprived
The webs of superiority
An entire race enslaved

Observing from the spheres
The witness of the shame
The verdict called extinction
Will end this flux of pain

Sick of your infantilism
Dignity unknown
Raise my hammer of justice
To krush the planet below
Through time came no progression
Intelligence misused
Community of savages
Ignorant and confused

Laughable little world
Pile of defecation
Never found the harmony
Choking in economy
In fire began the chaos
And flames will start the end
Aversion brought the sentence
Celestial revenge

The final explosion
Life vapourized
Shreds of the earth
The madness has died


I am the heritage
From the years of corruption
I'm on the intelligence side
I have no identity or nationality
I'm the one who chances the tide
I've got no real name
Revolution is my game
And there will be mercy to none
I'm like the pest
I will never rest
'Til all the cleaning is done

I am the nightmare of all systems
The anger burns deep
A perfect killing machinery
Hey mr. president get some sleep

Hijacking in the east
A murder in the west
For the good cause it's all justified
A killing in the north
A bombing in the south
Another couple of bastards died
No negotiations
Or worthless conventions
I throw over regimes by force
I'll butcher world leaders
With arms that they feed us
And no one can stop this man's war

I'll tear apart your society
Change the course of history
Time to break their passivity
End their bullshit diplomacy

Just ice, terror, reforming the world
Raging fury burning every state
Bullets, mines, explosions, bombs and guns
Gonna make them eat their nude-ar waste

I am the annihilator
I control the detonator
Smiling as i push it down
I blow up your embassies
Undermine democracies
I even will hunt for the british crown
I precisely aim
At the life that i claim
The bullet will enter the head
Confusion all around
But i will not be found
World near my serenade in lead


Behold my final testimony
I'm the survivor of my race
Hear the tale of sadness and genocide
Where the species disappeared
And the trees could no longer breathe
A drama of collective suicide
As we let our children suffer
In a paradise long gone
Utopia has never within reach
But we still kept believing
In the madness and the lies
Read my words that's all that i beseech

As we died because of our ignorance
As we died because of greed
Because of our stupidity
Now i'm the last one to scream

The mountains now are rising
And the oceans start to boil
The final convulsion of the earth
The heat is melting every stone
Volcanes start to roar
Cosmic chaos no hope for rebirth
I'm the living witness
Of the torment and the pain
I was doomed to see the planet die
Together with the tragedy
I'm craving for relief
Eternally the universe will cry


Lust is our motive
A divine gift
Burning sensations
Let your mind drift
Lust awakes feelings
We usually hide
Lust is desire
Sets your soul on fire

Lust gives ecstasy, lust is a thrill
Hidden emotions, allow you to kill
Lust is combition, lust brings greed
Lust will show you what you need
Lust for passion, lust for sex
Lust for life and lust for death
Lust is infinity, lust is our beast
Reflectiong mirror of forbidden feasts

Lust creates frustrations
Burning psychic pains
Manic depressions
Will drive you insane
Put your mind open
Enter yourself
Discover the savage
Behind its mental shell

Lust is our freedom, lust is our curse
Lust will guide us for good or for worse
Lust is a tear, lust is a smile
Anger and joy dance on in your mind
Lust is a woman, lust is a man
War between sexes, who understand?
That we're still children
When our spirits break free


Streams of ancient life
Flowing down below
Visions of the past
Enter your mind
The past goes by
As you sleep at night

Journey of forgotten souls
Through the ancient night
Walking through
As you scream temfied
Those who once were
Cry out to you
The past goes by
As you sleep at night


Two religions both so wrong
But both will preach they'll make you strong
One means evil, the order good
Terms i never quite understood
Two opponents with so much in common
The choice is yours, angel or demon

Holy or unholy, written in black and white
Theories coming from books of dirty lies
Different views on life, the magic word is fear
Two sides simplicity, am i satan? am i god?
Idolatry that's floating on rivers filled with blood
History covered with hypocrisy and pain
The souls of unawareness are what they want to gain

Sacrifices, ceremonies, desecrations
Tranquility, blasphemy, desperation
Divinity, impiety, indoctrination
Afterlife, eternity, mind consumption

Food for the ignorant
For those who do not know
But i learned enough in life
To see right through your show

Hold your flock in a sacred embrace
Forbidden pleasures for the bastard race
Glorification on the supreme mind
Suffering redeemer, saviour of mankind
Hollow words from a church that's almost dead
Empty views out of an empty satanic head

I get sick from hearing all your shit
I believe what i want and i'll stick to it
No one in this world can make me change my ways
Why don't you fuck off if you're got nothing to say


Marching into battle
To a war you do not know
Read the fearfull faces
Make them look so old
The homefront says its prayers
Wishing them all well
But they will never return
From this bitter living hell
The trenches are awaiting
Cold and moisty graves
Obey the insane orders
A soldier is a slave

They will die in the war
Between all the filth and gore
Is there any glory
In this heroic story

Look at the ones who cause this
And analyze their games
You'll find that they're all guilty
Wallowing in their shame
Elected by the people
By promising a war
But now you've seen the butchering
You don't want it no more

Politicians hiding
Cowardly stinking scum
Display of all powers
In the war they've just begun
Planning defense budgets
Guess who gonna play
Think i'll start the uproar
And sweep them all away

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