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When we talk about death-metal, Sweden quickly comes to mind. In one hand, we got of course all these grandfathers of death who firstly emerged from the putrid underground in the beginning of the 90’s. In the other hand, recent metallers often played some melodic poor shit that too much people still called death-metal. Fortunately here is Pete Flesh, the ex-Maze of Torment’s heroic guitarist now has many new projects. & the second Flesh album (Temple of Whores) just hit your favorite recordshop : this is clearly a must-have if you like your death-metal sounding obscure, violent & macabre. Here’s an interview i did with Pete in december 2006. Lets’ experience the pleasures of the Flesh !

interview Flesh (SWE)>Hi Pete ! Well it would be cool to begin this interview with an introduction to the putrid world of Flesh. Why/when did you decide to play old-school death-metal by yourself ? Is it connected with your departure from Maze of Torment ?
This was an idea I have had for many years, even when I was in Maze Of Torment, some riffs etc that I have collected through the years that others maybe not was so fond of. It´s hard to say an exact date when Flesh was born, but I usually say that the real start was when Chuck/Death passed away. The biggest problem for me was that I could not find a drummer that played like I wanted, I was not looking for a skilled blastbeats drummer... more a Chris Riefert one. After a time when Flingan and I had played in Deceiver I noticed that he started to play more and more into a direction that I looked for to Flesh. I asked him to try it out and 3 month later my first album was recorded.

>The second Flesh album is untitled 'Temples of Whores'. Where/when did you record this masterpiece of brutallity ? Are you satisfied with the sound ?
Just like with the debut album 'Dodsangest' I recorded it with Tommy Tägtgren in the Abyss studio, over one week in april. I am really satisfied with how the sound turned out and don´t really have anything to complain about. I have worked with Tommy so many times now that we both have reached a level where we both know exactly how we want things.

>I didn’t hear 'Dodsangest', your firts one. What are the differences between these 2 albums ?
The new one is a bit faster, the songs are maybe a bit more 'complex'. Also (at least I think) I sing better. When I did 'Dodsangest' it wasn´t even planed that I would do the vocals. I would just do some vocal grounds and then bring in another person. So, when I did it I had never done vocals in my whole life, and the one you hear on 'Dodsangest' is my first try ever. This time I had the time to develop that part. Also the sound is better on the new one. 'Dodsangest' was my first try and I´m really proud of it, I think some of the songs turned out really good.

>How do you compose for Flesh ? Is it a painful & long process or just a full blast of impulsive creativity ? Does a new track need several changes before being ready to record ?
I would say that it´s both a painful long process mixed with impulsive creativity. When you do an album you go through so many different states of mind that´s it´s impossible to describe it in only one or two words. I
interview Flesh (SWE) don´t just sit down and think, hey let´s do a cool old-school death-metal album, I can not work in that way. First of all the ideas and songs must come to me, I never force them out. I´m always hearing music in my head, and have tons of ideas... maybe that´s why I always have something to record. When I worked with 'Temple of Whores' it almost broke me down as it was like ten highways in my head all the time. I slept like 2-3 hours a night/day for 7 months, got my first kid.... it all ended up that I had to go to the hospital two times because I falled to the ground. But I´m always like that, when I work with an album I want to give 100%, every second must be the best I can do at that time. Music is not just somekind of hobby to me where you meet some friends and drink beer. Sometimes I can change an arrangement in a song 100 of times before I´m satisfied, other times I have it on the first try. I want to be impulsive, but at the same time have some structure over it.

>Is this Temple of Whores is related to some people in particular ? What do your texts deal with ?
Religions, or people in general, that sees women like whores because they follow their natural instincts, like fucking and bringing pleasure for their own needs. The title is meant like a dubbel sentence and not meant like my own view, like I would think women are whores, some have mistaken that. The title can also be led to other directions. When I write lyrics I do it in a way where you not get all the answers all the time, they are very open for own conclusions. Sometimes I don´t really know myself what I want to say with a lyric before the song is recorded and I can see the whole picture myself, it´s more giving for me that way. But some other topics, 'Taste the Devil´s Blood' is about suicide, the meaning of it is like temple of whores, religions that believe it´s the work of the devil. 'Rotten through the Skin' is about wars in somekind of strange way. All lyrics have somekind of personal hate towards human beings mixed with an obscure way of my own conclusions towards life. The subjects are of course not unique in any way, it´s just my views.

>Let’s talk about your initiation to death-metal. What bands were first a real shock to your teenage ears ?
I remember when I heard the first Bolt Thrower album, haha! I couldn´t hear a shit what they played. Don´t really remember the first 'real' death-metal band I heard, I guess it was almighty Death. I liked it right away. Also, as I´m from the same town as Merciless I heard them pretty early, and that way also found out abou
interview Flesh (SWE)t stuff like Dismember / Entombed / Unleashed and all the other bands pupping up from the swedish underground. I guess it´s started the same way for me like for all others in my age... heavy-metal, thrash-metal, death-metal / black-metal.

>You also play in Deceiver. What are this band news ? Is there a brand new album coming soon ?
Deceiver is buried and dead. We came to a point where all the inspiration was gone. We tried to keep it alive, but there was no idea. The last album we did was 'Holov Posen Tro May Trot'.

>You also play in another project called Thrown. Musically what is it about ? I think there will be an album released soon. Can you tell us more about it ?
I guess you could say that Thrown is an idea that started when Deceiver was put to rest. I have always got this 'dream' to try out to play drums. I had some riffs and song ideas that could have fit in Deceiver, but I wanted to give it all a heavier sound. I asked Crille from Deceiver if he wanted to join on the bass, and he did. I started to practise the drums for one and a half month, we booked the studio and in january 2007 our debut will be released on Iron Fist Productions. People should not be mistaken that Thrown sounds like Deceiver, there are similarities as both have strong heavy-metal vibes, but Thrown is more heavy and has a vider spectra of influences. Probably Thrown will form into a band later and we will do live shows, but we will first record a second album with me on the drums.

>What do you think about the recent albums from swedish legends Unleashed, Entombed or Grave ? Did you hear about Death Breath ?
The only one I have heard is the Death Breath album, really liked that one. Heard some songs from the new Unleashed album on their myspace site, was suprised how good it was, will for check out the whole album.

>Is it possible one day to see Flesh on stage with some session musicians ?
It´s possible, but not likely. It all depents on the demand, I will not put together a live band just for a little single gig.

>Well this interview comes to its end. Thanx for your time Pete, i’ll have a drink on you next time i’m listening to 'Temple of Whores' !
Drink two beers instead, you get better balance between your ears, haha! Thanx alot for the support by doing this interview. People can check out both Flesh and Thrown at these links : http://www.myspace.com/peteflesh http://www.myspace.com/thrownbitch
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