Pray for War

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Nom du groupe Virus (UK)
Nom de l'album Pray for War
Type Album
Date de parution Octobre 1987
Style MusicalThrash Metal
Membres possèdant cet album18


1. Pray for War 03:25
2. To the Death 02:45
3. Malignant Massacre 03:06
4. T.N.T. (Thermo Nuclear Thrash) 02:33
5. Scarred for Life 02:49
6. Intro / Night Siege 03:36
7. Risen from Death to Die 02:16
8. Neo Warlords, Nuclear Gods 03:32
9. Cannibal Holocaust 03:08
Total playing time 27:10

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Virus (UK)

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Commentaire @ arron

10 Fevrier 2008
First heard this album on release 20 years ago. Heard it the once but it sparked something within me that has been with me ever since. Im talking in particular about the song TnT (Thermonuclear Thrash). Not the best song in the world but to me the best track on the album. In fact while my mates were listening to the likes of Voivod who i never quite got into this song inspired me enough to use TNT as my nickname and have used it as such ever since. The whole album was from recollection poorley produced but with that came the raw sound that although recognisably industrial wasn't enough to give them the staying power in the public imagination. even now my mates can't remember this band, but to me they will always stay with me, TNT.

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